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How To Cut Boys Hair

Kailee Wright Boys Hair

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Raise your hand if at least one boy in your family is rocking a new unplanned hairstyle thanks to Corona and this at stay at home order?! I think we are all looking a little rough around the edges while we aren’t able to make our typical beauty appointments, but I am here to help!!! As many of you know, I went to school for hair, and have done hair for years and years and years. So after a lot of questions and requests, I put together a hands on video tutorial full of tips that will lead to easy success and help you avoid the dreaded Corona Cut!! Check out the video below and then be sure to review a few super helpful tips I’ve included below!



You can always go through and cut more, but once you’ve cut it there is no going back. Start longer than you plan and go from there so you are leaving room for any edits and fixes you need to make. As I mentioned in the video, a #4 is the easiest to start with and get a nice clean blend.


Out of all the tips and advice I share in the video, this is the number one thing!! I haven’t seen anyone share and it is SO important to getting a good blend! I explain and demonstrate in the video, but be sure to do this step for best results!


If you are gearing up to cut your kids hair, especially toddlers, be prepared!! Have a show for them to watch and a sucker for them to eat! That way they are distracted and not trying to escape. Having a client that holds still is going to be a LOT easier on you!


. . .

I hope these tips + tutorial help you feel more comfortable to tackle those much needed haircuts! And even if we are back to real life soon, having this skill is a great way to save time and money in the future!

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  1. Thank you so much, this was the best video i have seen for cutting boys hair!!! You gave great tips: i lOved the tip about cutting with the scissor tip pointing down. I have alWaYs cut across. The blending was also helpful. Wow thAt is the besT I have ever seen a 2 year old sit, he did great!


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