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Spring Shoes

kailee wright best spring shoes

Sneakers: red laces + vans  ||  Sandals: black + white + black studded  ||  Slides: leopard + tan

Although we are still dealing with the downs of stay at home mode, this spring weather making an appearance is giving us life!! The blue skies and bright colored blossoms are bringing me so much joy right now! With spring in the air and popping up all around us, my mind starts thinking spring fashion! Some of my favorite things to shop for are spring trends because it means we finally get to start unbundling and thinking all things swim, shorts, and sandals!! Spring shoes are one of my favorites to shop for, so today I’m sharing my top 3 shoes to style for spring!


First up is the most obvious, sandals!! I feel like my feet are so excited to finally be free of heavy socks and shoes!!! Nothing screams spring more than a fresh pedicure and cute sandals! My secret to the best go to sandal is plastic, like this pair or this pair! They don’t wear easy, and are waterproof so you can wear the same sandal to the beach, pool, or out to dinner! It is the best packing hack! So find your favorite polish (this gel with top coat is the best!) and shop some of my favorite sandals!

kailee wright Guide to Maui Hawaii

swimsuit + skirt + hat + sandals

kailee wright boston tour guide

my similar top + similar pants + sandals + hat 

. . .


Who doesn’t love a cute pair of sneakers?! I love them for spring because you are finally getting outside and getting your body moving! They look so cute paired with t-shirt dress, a pair of jeans and a graphic tee or really anything! I love that they can bring a fun pop of color to your outfit too!

Kailee Wright best spring shoes

my similar top + jeans + sneakers + hat  ||  harper’s top + shorts + sandals

Kailee Wright Finish line Champion

tee + joggers + sneakers 

. . .


Last but not least is slides. If you know me you know I love a good pair of slides. They are just such a convenient versatile shoe to throw on and go. They can easily be paired with a casual jeans look, or dressed up for a date night out.

Kailee Wright Shopping on a Budget Nordstrom sale

my tee + similar jacket + similar jeans + similar slides + sunglasses

kailee wright Nordstrom sale

my top + jeans + slides + hat + bracelets

. . .

I hope you loved feeling a little splash of spring with these spring shoe styles. I wanna know what are you favorite spring shoes and other spring must haves?!

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