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How To Set Up an At Home Charging Station

Kailee Wright office Charging station

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One of my favorite hidden gems in our home office is our charging station.  It’s really nothing extravagant, but it is something we use daily and something I think more families would love to implement into their home system. With growing kids and teens, I knew we were going to be entering the technology stages. I wanted all the devices to be safe with me at night or when charging and I am so glad we kept that in mind when we were building. If it is something you are interested in implementing, I’m sharing all the details below! 

Kailee Wright office Charging station


When we were building, we had the electrician add a power source behind our office shelving. With that hidden outlet, we are able to plug in a power strip that has become our “charging station” or hub for all things electronics. It is a place for all  iPads, watches, phones, and other small devices to take a break and recharge. I love having a place where everything goes at the end of day not only because it helps keep things from getting lost, but also the peace of mind of knowing when kids have technology. 


There are a lot of benefits to having a charging station or hub in your home, but I will share my top 2.

First up is the sleep benefit. How many of you go to sleep staring at your screen? Pretty sure I could raise my hand more often than not. But if I am good and take advantage of the charging station instead, I am so much happier. Plugging in your phone in another room before bed not only gives you more time to read or have meaningful conversation, but reducing blue light before bed is great for reducing stress and increasing healthier sleep.  I love to have quality time with Joe and the kids before bed and eliminating devices from the equation has been so helpful. 

Another big reason I love having a charging station is that it helps us “patrol” the devices in our home better. Joe and I are able to keep better watch and know that our children aren’t overly using devices or using them unsupervised in bedrooms. Just like we go to bed at night, all our devices do too! 


First things first, I’d recommend gathering up all of your charging cords, blocks, and docks.  As you go through your collection of cords, assess whether any of them need to be replaced.  Frayed plastic coatings and exposed wires are not only likely not charging your device well, but they’re dangerous.  Amazon carries most common charging cords.

Decide where you’d like your charging station to be in your home… and if you only want it to be accessible to adults or also accessible to children.  If you’re a parent that regulates access to devices, I’d recommend finding a place for your charging station that is somewhere where you or other adults in your home can control it.  For many, a master bedroom or bathroom is a great spot.  Like I said, we keep ours in our home office. The kids know the rules and have set timers on their devices as well.

Now let’s talk about concealment.  Cords in general can tend to be an eyesore so if possible, I like to keep them concealed.  In some kitchens or offices, there will be cabinets or drawers with access to power outlets.  This is perfect.  If that’s not an option in your home, you can create your own. If you’d like to create your own concealed charging station, you can use a shelf or drawer in a TV Stand, drawer, dresser, buffet or console and feed the cords through the back so that they are not seen.  Utilizing a long power strip with multiple outlets is key.

Amazon also makes charging blocks with multiple USB ports so that you can plug in a few at a time.  And if access to a concealed power source and shelf isn’t something you can easily find in your home, there are many products available on Amazon that are their own charging stations. 


Kailee Wright office Charging station

Most importantly, set this up as a family. Make sure the rules are agreed upon and well known so it is effective!  When can devices be used?  When do they need to be plugged in and put away?  Does everyone have the right cord for their favorite devices so there are no arguments?    I’ll link a few of my favorites here!

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