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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Kailee Wright Mothers Day Gifts

hunter’s similar top + jeans + boots  ||  hudson’s top + jeans  ||  houston’s top + jeans + shoes  ||
hayden’s similar top
+ jeans  ||  my jumpsuit + top + hat + sandals  ||  harper’s outfit + bracelets

Mother’s Day is just a little over 2 weeks away! I cannot believe it is here already!! If you know me I am all about keeping things SIMPLE. I don’t want presents just to add to the things in my house. If they are coming in they’ve got to be functional and necessary, so I try to keep the same mind set when it comes to gifting! That being said, I for sure have my tried and true favorites that I would love to receive and love hearing new ideas! So today I’ve rounded up my top 9 ideas that I think would be perfect for for Mom’s, Grandma’s, Aunts, and Girlfriends or even to treat yo self PLUS some great discount codes to help you save!

Kailee Wright Mothers Day Gifts

earrings  |  bracelets (KAILEEWRIGHT15 for 15% off)  |  towels (KAILEE15 for 15 % off)  | pan  |  sandals  |  sunscreen (KAILEE for 15% off )  |  visor  | belt bag  |  dry shampoo  |  collagen (KAILEE $10 off)  |  nails


For most women, you can’t go wrong with simple jewelry, like these earrings for Mother’s Day. Something classic and timeless that they can easily dress up or down. You aren’t having to worry about it being their style or a color they like because it is just a simple classic gold. I love that it is a gift they can wear for years and years not matter what age they are. This pair is another option that is a go to for me and super affordable at under $25!


If you know me, you know my obsession with these bangles. I mix + match and wear them pretty much daily. They go with everything and are both waterproof and soundless! Win win! I just stumbled across these bracelets from the same brand and am loving them just as much!! I love that slight pop of color it adds, that you can still mix and match, they again go with everything, and are a great price point!! Plus you can stack code KAILEEWRIGHT15 for 15% off!


I’ve shared about these towels quite a few times both here and over on Instagram because I love them so so much! They are the PERFECT gift for any woman in your life. Mom, Grandmas, girlfriends, sisters, anyone. They have the cutest patters to match any style, are huge, and are so absorbent. I love that they are anti-microbial so they don’t get a gross stink to them. I use them in my kitchen and bathrooms and gift them to everyone. You can use code KAILEE15 for 15% off!

Kailee Wright Mothers Day Gifts


If you have social media at all, I’m guessing you have heard about this incredible pan. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t think it was going to be worth all they hype, but I gave in and got one around the holidays. I am happy to say it was 100% worth it and is my go to in the kitchen for just about everything! It is so user friendly! The spatula has a built in magnet so it can rest on the pan and not leave messes on the counter. The lid has a notch in it so you can easily drain liquids out the side without any hassle. And it is the easiest thing ever to clean! And bonus it looks so cute left out on your stove top! Use code GOODTASTE30 to save $30 too!


These sandals are the perfect ultra comfortable pair for any woman in your life. I LOVE that they come in just about every skin tone so you can get the one that fits you best. They are super soft and comfortable an the quality is amazing! Such a great gift idea with it being the beginning of Spring/Summer and warm weather! You can use my link to get 10% off too!


If you are looking for the most amazing face sunscreen out there, this is it! It is no secret how much I love their products, and this sunscreen is even better than I could have imagined. It goes on super light, not greasy feeling at all, and has a great natural glow to it so it could easily replace your makeup in the summer months. And who doesn’t need a great face sunscreen?! Use code KAILEE to save 15%.


Dry shampoo is every woman’s best friend right?! You won’t find better than this one from Navy Hair. I swear it is the only one that actually feels like it cleans your hair for real, instead of temporarily and adding more gunk to it. If you are a brunette, this one is for you especially because it does not leave any white residue at all! I love the clean ingredients and that it takes your hair from drab to fab with just a spray. You can use code GREENDAY for 35% off to snag it for the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Kailee Wright free people jumper


Speaking of sun protection, this darling visor is another one topping my mother’s day gift ideas! I think it is safe to say we are all looking for ways to protect our skin in the summer sunshine and this visor is the perfect option. I love that since it is a visor, unlike a hat, you can still have your hair pulled up and off of you too! It is so easy to quickly pack in your bag, and you can’t beat that price either!


Another great option for Mother’s Day with summer around the corner and more outdoor/traveling coming up is this belt bag (or fanny pack). I promise you it is the coolest most user friendly one you’ll find! It has a slim look but fits a ton and of course stays organized with pockets!! The band is super adjustable so it can go really small or bigger if needed. I love using it for hikes, errands where I want to stay hands free, and traveling! Under $40 and comes in a bunch of fun colors!


I think this collagen takes the top spot for favorite new products I’ve found this past year. It is incredible and the results I’ve seen blow my mind. I am kicking myself for not taking before and afters!! Since it is a liquid collagen, your body absorbs it 85-90%, so results are seen a lot quicker. I have so many details saved over on my IG highlight bubble, but I promise it is worth investing in your health and would be a great idea for Mother’s Day! Use code KAILEE for $10 off!


Last but not least are these press on nails. I know you are thinking this sounds like something your 13 year old self would’ve loved but not for a grown woman. That is where you are wrong. These are a whole new way better take on the average press on nails. The cutest colors and patterns to match anyones style and so easy to apply!! A box is $13 and lasts up to 2 weeks!! I love them and have been gifting them to everyone I know for birthdays and think they’d make a great mothers day gift!

Kailee Wright Mothers Day Gifts

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I hope these ideas help spark some fun new ideas for your gift giving…or for yourself!! And that you have a very Happy Mother’s Day and feel so loved and get to celebrate the mother figures in your life!

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