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Hudson is 11!

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Anyone else just dreaming and wishing summer could last forever?! I am not ready for the change going back to school brings, especially with all the unknown this year. Plus I am loving soaking up my people for as long as possible! One of our very favorite things about Summer is celebrating our boys! Houston’s birthday was earlier in July, and our sweet Hudson turns 11 today!! I know everyone feels this way about their kids, but Hudson is a dream come true. He is all things good and wonderful in this world and I wish I could have 20 of him! To celebrate his big day, I thought it would be fun to share 11 fun things about him!

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1- Hudson is so driven.

When he makes a goal or wants to achieve something, nothing can stand in his way. I love that about him because he never needs to be forced or pushed to try harder. He is his own best motivator.

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2- Hudson is the BEST big brother.

Like it is unreal. I constantly find him doing the sweetest things all on his own for his siblings. From painting Harper’s nails, to getting down and playing imaginative games with Houston, he is the sweetest brother in all the land.

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3- Hudson is such a gentleman, even to the girls his own age.

I never have to worry about him being kind or polite. He is always opening doors and going out of his way to help others.

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4- Hudson is naturally athletic and so dang talented

I love that he doesn’t let it show in his personality. He is still as humble as they come and always trying to do better and work harder. I just hope he saved some talent for the rest of the family!

5- Hudson is so inclusive of others.

Out of all the things teachers and neighbors have ever said about my kids, this one is at the top of my favorites. He always goes out of his way to make sure other people are included at school and just as he plays with his friends. Differences never matter to him and he makes sure everyone has a friend.

6- Hudson is the very best helper.

He is always the first to wake up and do all his chores without ever being reminded, and usually when he is finished he asks me what else he can do to help me out. He also loves to babysit and is so good at it as well. The babies, especially Harper, adore him.

7- Hudson is such a hard worker.

He never has to be reminded to do his work, or asked to redo something when it comes to chores. When it comes to sports, he is always wanting to put in the extra hours to get better and work hard at it.

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8- Hudson loves to bake with me, and has become quite the cake master.

Making cakes together has become one of our favorite one on one times, and he is getting so good at it. He recently started trying his hand at cooking too and made our Chicken Alfredo all on his own for dinner last week!

9- Hudson is always serving others quietly behind the scenes.

He always has his focus on those around him. Whether it is looking out for his friends and classmates like I mentioned, or just helping out around the house, he is always quietly serving those around him without looking for extra recognition or anything. Somehow he always knows when I could just use an extra hand or a break with the babies and will come and take them to play. He takes the time to ask how my day is and what he can do to help, even when I know there are things with his friends he would rather be doing. I just always see him doing the smallest things to make another persons day a little brighter and I love that about him.

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10- Hudson has the sweetest relationship with Joe.

He wakes up early to workout with him and practice for baseball, and is always intently taking his advice and just wanting to learn from him. I love seeing how close they are and how happy they are doing what they love together.

kailee wright walmart back to school clothes

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11- Hudson is so dang fun and hilarious to be around!

When I look at Hudson, I see so much of Joe! And I’m sure some of you do too when you see the amazing faces (like some of the pictures here) he pulls in our Sunday pictures. He doesn’t love the social media spotlight. But he is honestly one of the funniest and fun people you will ever meet. He loves for people to be happy and will go out of his way to be crazy and crack jokes to get a smile.

. . .

As you can see, we are pretty big fans of our birthday boy around here! He is as good as they come and we feel pretty lucky he is ours!

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