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Instagram Round up + Weekend Sales


top jeans flats hat


Happy first Saturday of the year!! If your new around year every Saturday I do an Instagram round up of the week. So all of my outfits + the little peoples that I’ve posted on Instagram  are linked here for your convince. I also do a small little update from the week and share any great sales going on during the weekend.

So Monday I’m having a big planning meeting with my team and we  would love to know what you all want to see from us this year!! Do you wanna see more, family + personal posts? More home and how to pick out the right items for your home? More beauty, fashion or sales?! Or hair…did you even know I’m a hairstylist and have done hair for the past 16 years?!! Let me know in the comments below because we really want to know.

Honestly from the bottom of my heart thank you for all your love and support! Your comments, emails and sweet messages/dm’s mean so much and the friendships my little family and I have made here are priceless!! We are so glad your here!!

xx kails




top jacket jeans hat boots  ||  houston boots


 robe pj’s  |  slippers harper’s pjs


sweater jeans boots harper moccs


baby seats barstools


leather jacket  |  t shirt  |  jeans  |  booties + similar 


stripe top |  jeans  |  mini crib  |  harper pjs  tree


top cardiganjeans hat shoes


top  |  joggers  |  slippers 


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  1. i love reading about your daily life. Also addicted to your insta stories.
    I’m a fulltime mom and i like to see other moms and their lifes. It gives community feeling .

    1. hi tanya! It is actually the full carpeting in my closet! So fun! I got it from Specialty Carpet Showroom


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