Sharing Our Christmas Decor - Kailee Wright
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Sharing Our Christmas Decor

Kailee Wright -Christmas tree -gatehouse

The more I unpacked, I just kept thinking of the tree. It did not feel like Christmas in our home without it, but I knew I could not add decorating to my never ending to do list. I had already purchased most of the items for my tree from Gatehouse + loved their displays. I went against my usual ways and hired someone to come and help. You guys I could not be happier with how it turned out! Two of their designers came out to the house + I fell in love with both of them! It took them about 3 hours to do both the tree and mantle. They listened to my input of simple + modern and made my vision come to life. It is quite possibly the best money I’ve ever spent and am thinking about doing it next year too!

Our decor turned out super simple, but we love it! It may not be the big dreams I had in mind, but like everything with Christmas, it really is the simple things that matter. Just having a tree was something to bring the holidays in to our crazy life of boxes and unpacking. We have spent just about every night snuggled up next to it reading Christmas books. While things didn’t go according to plans, I couldn’t be happier.

Kailee Wright -Christmas tree-JoggersKailee Wright -Christmas tree -gatehouseKailee Wright -Ugg Pajamas-48Kailee Wright -Christmas tree -gatehouse Kailee Wright -Christmas tree -gatehouse Kailee Wright -Christmas tree-Joggers

photos: aubrey taiese



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