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My Comfy Favorites


Being a St. George/ California girl, I was not prepared for real winter. It hasn’t even snowed here yet, but I’m still over here freezing! One thing that I can’t stand being cold is my feet. My solution is these super comfy slippers! The inside is so warm and soft, they seriously feel like walking on a cloud! They come in the cutest colors too! I have been rocking them so often I’m snagging another pair for myself for Christmas!


My mom is going to die when she sees this. She can’t stand me always wearing my robe, but you guys they are my favorite!! I at least upgraded from the one I’ve had for years she is always trying to hide from me, to this cute one! I love that they keep me warm, and feel like I’m wearing a big cozy blanket. They’re so comfortable when I’m snuggling the babies on the couch or working from home! I have no shame in my robe game! If it were socially acceptable it would probably become a staple piece in my wardrobe!


It’s no secret joggers are one of my comfy favorites! They are my go to for when I want to be comfy, but also need to look a little more put together +  like I managed to get dressed for the day. I love that they give you the more fitted look, and can easily be dressed up a little.

I fully plan on sticking to my comfy favorites throughout as much of Christmas break as I can get away with! So I wanna know, what are you go to comfy picks?! Cause you know you can never have enough!

Kailee Wright -Ugg PajamasKailee Wright -Ugg PajamasKailee Wright -Ugg PajamasKailee Wright -Ugg PajamasKailee Wright -Ugg PajamasKailee Wright -Ugg PajamasKailee Wright -Ugg Pajamas Kailee Wright -Ugg Pajamas

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photos: aubrey taiese


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