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Life/House Update

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If you’ve been following my newsletters that I release every Thursday, then you know I’ve been journaling what happens throughout the week! So if you want to keep up on a weekly basis and hear all about the craziness, you can subscribe here! Today on the blog I wanted to give a house update, kid’s update, share more about Joe’s weight loss, and share about how my mom is doing with her kidney stones!



We got the bids back on our house and we’re a million+ dollars over our budget. So now we’re back to square one. We’re trying to decide if we should wait it out to save more money, or downsize the house, or repick materials, etc. We got a lot to figure out. We’re not trying to rush anything, so we’re just taking our time to make sure everything is how we want it. It looks like we won’t break ground for quite a while.

We bought the house we’re in now thinking we would only be in it for a year to a year and a half. Now we don’t really have a timeline for when our new house will be done… hopefully it will be done in about 2.5 to 3 years. So now we’re looking for a house that will fit our family better. There’s a bigger house being built across the street, so we put an offer on it. They didn’t accept it so I was pretty sad about that. But we’re just going to wait it out and trust God’s plan that we’ll find something that will be more comfortable for our family for the next few years.


Hunter absolutely loves going to school in St. George! She said there’s more traditions and dances at this school, so she’s really excited about that. She has a great group of friends and friend groups from different schools! She’s dating a cute boy and she’s just overall doing so good! She started varsity for the first couple games she’s played and she’s loving it! It’s been so fun to watch her.

Hudson just started football. He hasn’t played since he was 8 so he’s just loving it! Now that we’re in a smaller town, the kids are able to do more sports. Hayden was on 2 cheer competitive teams, so we just narrowed it down to one team and she’s still enjoying it. Harper is in ballet and gymnastics, and she absolutely loves it. We missed the soccer cut-off for Houston, so he’s just been hanging with us and going to all the kid’s games! The kids are still happy to be in St. George. They’re loving the weather, school, and just being by family!


A couple of you noticed on Instagram that Joe has been slimming down and you’re totally right. He’s lost almost 25 pounds! He’s been doing the Tirzepatide shot with G.O.A.T. Athletic Spa. With all the stress of work and things not panning out exactly like they were supposed to, he put on some weight and hasn’t been able to lose it, so he decided he just wanted to try it out. It’s not something he plans on doing forever. I’m working on a blog post right now to share all the details about this, so be watching for that!


You guys have been so sweet to DM and check up on my mom. Just a little backstory…she had been in pain for about 2 weeks and didn’t tell anyone. The other day I went over to her house and she wasn’t there, she was at a medical center and they told her to go right to the ER because she had kidney stones. I guess kidney stones run in the family. Her dad had them too. So she ended up getting the surgery and it went well. She did get a stent, but they’re removing it on Wednesday. Overall she’s feeling much better than she did 2 weeks ago. She has the same pain that I had where it hurts to sit down. She missed Hunter’s last soccer game so she was sad about that. She’s getting them tested to see what caused her to get them. Mine was from drinking too much greens, so we’ll find out about hers soon. She’s so glad she did the surgery!

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Hope everyone’s doing well and enjoying their last few days of August!


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