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Life Update

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If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram stories, then you know that the past 3 months of our life have been chaotic. But, it has been so humbling and eye-opening. In years to come, I truly feel that I will look back at this stage of life and will see how much growth and development I gained from these experiences. This post will share a lot of details about how we decided to sell our lot, and how I’m feeling about everything. Here is our last life update if you missed it!


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We sold the house! The buyers didn’t buy the house furnished, so we put all our furniture for sale on Instagram and you guys snatched it all up! We are so grateful for each and every one of you. It was so great to meet and squeeze you in person! We are feeling finally settled in the rental. We put our couch and dining table from the last house into the rental, and it has really made it feel like home.

The kids are loving the rental. Hunter has told me a million times how much she loves the rental because it’s just so simplified, and that’s what I’ve been holding on to. The rental has simplified our lives. It has way less space, so we have way less things in there. It’s made me really focus on the things that matter and it’s made Joe and I really think about our next house plans (do we really need that much space?), whenever that may be.

kailee wright pumpkin patch
I finally took advantage of homeschool and took Hayden and Harper to Idaho to stay with my sister and help with her little boys! Joe told me to get away and get my mind off things and I knew my sister was missing home, so I just wanted to spend time with her and let the girls see their cousins. We didn’t do anything special, we just talked and loved on her boys and it was the perfect medicine for both of us.

kailee wright

Hunter went to her first high school dance! I can’t believe she’s this old. I vividly remember my first dance as a sophomore in high school, my date was Joe’s best friend! Haha! Here is the link to Hunter’s dress, I’ve had lots of questions about it. Hunter has also been doing great this season for soccer! I love love love watching her play and do what she loves.

kailee wright

Update on our lot: We found 6 acres that we absolutely love. We’re currently going back and forth with the city to see if a road has to go through all 6 acres. We were really excited about this land because it was flat farmland and everything that we were looking for. But we’re still just waiting it out. We were supposed to break ground twice on our lot on the hill… we actually had trucks up there twice to break ground, and that’s when the first house buyers fell through due to finances. So we put it on hold, and that’s when we decided to just sell the lot and no longer build. Honestly, deciding to sell our lot and not build anymore was one of the easiest decisions for us.

Both Joe and I went up to the lot on a Sunday and it just didn’t feel right, but we were trying to push through it. We’ve spent the past 2 years preparing, investing, and designing it, so we were like “why would we back out now”? Three days later, I broke down to Joe and told him that it didn’t feel right, and he felt the exact same way. And to us, that was the Holy Spirit who first told us individually and then we came together and decided that we needed to follow that inspiration. It really was the easiest decision, and we are so happy with it. The biggest thing we’ve learned these past few months is to trust our gut and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We are continually seeing God open different doors for us, and we’re just along for the ride to see what God has in store for us!

. . .

I know my life has been chaotic and fast-paced, so I love sharing these life updates for you guys and just writing down my feelings. Thank you for your continued love and support! Seriously so grateful for all of you.

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