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Life Update

hunter’s dress + shoes || my dress + shoes

Summer is here!!! We are beyond thrilled. I absolutely love slower mornings with the kids and not having to feel rushed to get everyone out the door. I’m feeling so much better since our last update… I got my stent out so I’m feeling much better and am just so grateful for my health. I figured it was time to share another life update and share what’s going on over here at the Wright house!



Our house plans are being submitted to the city TODAY! We’ve been working with Elizabeth Hales for all our designing which is almost finished… we just need to finalize the living room, entry way, fireplace, and dining room! We’ve worked with her for forever it seems like. She’s helped us design 3 houses and is so amazing! The kids and I have started working on designing their rooms. We’ll be doing that on our own just to save some money. I’m excited to start sharing more updates as we go. It seems like everything is taking so long but I’ll be sure to start sharing more house content!

kailee wright kids

harper’s swimsuit + towel || houston’s shirt + swim shorts


Hunter got her first job! She’s loving it. WE are loving because she’s no longer asking for money, haha. She has a few friends that work at the same place so that makes it fun for her. She also started physical therapy for her knee last week. At her first appointment, they hooked her up to electricity and she came back so exhausted. But we’re just hoping she can repair her torn ligament and get her knee stronger for high school in a few months.

Hunter and I went up to that Mixhers event at Sundance and had so much fun! We stayed the weekend with my sister and Hunter even got to go to lunch with some friends so that was fun for her.

Hudson is still playing with his baseball team up north, so him and Joe went up there over memorial weekend for a tournament! It was Hudson’s first time up there since we’d moved, so he was excited to see all his friends.

Hayden made 2 cheer teams so she’s doing cheer 4-5 days a week! It’s Honestly a lot…we’re still debating if we’re going to do 2 teams, but she’s going to try it this summer and see how it goes. She’s so excited about it!

The younger 2 aren’t doing anything right now, which is honestly nice. They’re staying busy with diamond art, crafts, and swimming at grandmas!

Update on Houston’s recovery… he got his tonsils out and he’s been doing pretty good. I hear the older they are, the tougher the recovery is. We’ve stayed up on his meds every 3 hours so that helps him with the pain. The first few nights we would wake him in the middle of the night to give him his Tylenol and switch that off with ibuprofen. He had a few rough days when the scabs started to fall off. The best thing they gave us was these numbing suckers and anytime it would hurt, he would suck on it for 15 seconds and once it numbed his throat, we’d give him his medicine. He seriously just lived off shakes and protein drinks! If he was running around or talking a lot, he would totally feel it the next day so we mostly tried to lay low and relax. We played lots of games at home, crossword puzzles, books, coloring, diamond art, etc. He didn’t want to watch TV too much. It honestly was pretty easy since we stayed up on medication. By day 10 he was totally fine!

kailee wright family

hayden’s end of year presentation


We don’t have a ton planned this summer since we’re building a house and want to save money, but the kids will have soccer camps and Hudson has a few tournaments out of town so it will still be busy. We’re going to go visit Madison Vining this summer but not sure on the dates yet. She lives on the most amazing farm so everyone’s excited about that!

. . .

Wishing everyone a GREAT summer!!

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