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Meaningful Gifts

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When we packed up all of our stuff to move from California to Utah, I realized we had way too much. After donating a lot I decided it was time to simplify things! I was tired of buying toys that don’t last or grow with my kids. Joe and I really wanted to focus more on meaningful things that will create memories with the little people. With that in mind, we made a plan for birthdays this year, and took it to one of the main sources of toys + presents…nana + papa!

Instead of buying more toys or things they’d quickly lose interest in, we asked them to focus on gifting experiences. Something that would be more meaningful.  Like any grandparents, they want as much time with their grandkids as possible, so they were easily on board!

Each of the little people got to plan their own day with their Nana + Papa. The amount of excitement that went in to planning their individual days was crazy. Hunter wanted nothing more than the one on one time with them. Being the oldest she doesn’t always get that, so she loved her day! She chose to go to the aquarium, dinner, and shopping for some new chokers. Hudson was all about the adventure of choosing anything. He chose to go indoor skydiving! And then there is Hayden. Her number one wish was to get ice cream and not have to share with anyone! Sounds like she has learned something from her mom!

As you can see these were such simple days, but they were so meaningful to my people. They have not stopped talking about it + are already making lists of ideas for next year! My mom and dad loved it so much they are going to do it for Christmas this year too! Do you have any out of the box gift ideas? I’d love to hear!  xx

Kailee Wright-First years

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photos: aubrey taiese

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  1. Where is your oldest daughter’s black and white striped shirt with the gold hearts (in the last pic) from? Also her utility vest? I love the way you dress your girls! I would love to see more blog posts about kids’ clothes! Thank you!

    1. Love that idea! I’ll definitely try to add more in to our posts! The striped shirt is from Old Navy! The vest is older, but I think it is either from Old Navy or Target.

  2. I’ve started making a simple photo year book for each of my kids every year, they love it! Having a book of pictures of just them of that past year, is something they’ll cherish forever. I’m all for experiences instead of gifts, my kids get way too much stuff from relatives..

    1. Maria! I love that idea! We have lots of photo books they love to look at, but what a special idea to make them their own individual books highlighting their year. Thank you so much for sharing!

      1. I caught this comment out of the corner of Mayeye. I think it’s a great idea to do a picture book for each individual person. Especially children you could start now making a file for the year since it’s January. I’m going to do it ladies. Thank you for the suggestion. I’m looking forward to following this blog. I am a new blogger just starting out and I’m looking for Great connections.

  3. I love this idea. We do experiences for our kids’ birthdays instead of a gift and they love it. I would love to get the grandparents on board, too.
    Some of the uncles give money for their college fund for both Christmas and birthdays. We like it!
    The striped shirts the girls are wearing are adorable. Where are they from?

    1. We loved it so much and I was shocked at how much the kids loved it and are dying to do it again! I love the idea of money to be saved for something important like that too! Thank you for the idea!

      The girls striped shirts are from Old Navy!

  4. My mom gifted us a family museum pass that we ended up using a ton! It’s an interactive museum and we’ve been able to spend a lot of time learning and outside. She’s buying us another pass again and I couldn’t be more excited!

  5. Every year my parents buy our family the annual zoo passes in our area. This year we decided to buy my parents tickets to Monster Jam. My son really wanted to go and I wanted to give them an experience gift seeing as how they have everything, but time.

    1. I love the idea of gifting experiences back to grandparents as well! I might need to steal that! Thank you!!!


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