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Mixing Up My Workouts For Fall

Kailee Wright lululemon

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Fall is officially here, and as much as I’m a Summer girl, I’m kind of loving it!! At least as long as it doesn’t turn into a frozen tundra any time soon! With all the schedule and weather changes that come with Fall, I’ve been making some tweaks to my workout routine as well. And since it has been one of my most asked questions lately, I decided I would share a little bit about how I’m mixing things up in 3 different ways with my workouts for Fall. Plus I’m sharing some of my favorite workout basics from lululemon.

Kailee Wright lululemon


If you follow along over on Instagram, you know we just finished up our Home Gym! I love it so much, because it really gives me no excuses to get my workout in sometime throughout the day. A lot of you have asked how I do workouts from home and know what to do. I’m no fitness expert, so YouTube and Instagram fitness accounts have been amazing for finding new ideas, and still getting that sense of motivation even by myself. Stay tuned because I’m planning a post full of my top fitness accounts to follow for inspiration soon!

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Kailee Wright lululemon


You may be thinking, “Fitness classes?! You have a home gym!”. And you are right. But there is something about that class/group setting that I crave. Knowing that everyone in the room is pushing themselves for that goal is so motivating for me. Plus as I’ve shared before, working out and getting healthy is SO much about full body health, both physical and mental for me. Having that “escape” from real life and a little social me time has been such a game changer for me.

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Kailee Wright lululemon


This weather is the dream for taking your workout outside!! I am loving taking walks or jogs around the neighborhood while its still warm enough. Even doing circuits outside in your backyard or driveway would be a great option for Fall workouts! I love grabbing a lululemon jacket because they are so comfortable and the perfect lightweight for these fall temps.


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Whatever you do, do it for you! For me, working out is so much about both physical and mental health, so when lululemon reached out to me to share more about what my workouts look like and my idea of #sweatlife I was thrilled! It is no secret that I am beyond obsessed with all of their apparel, but I’m even more in love with their vision + focus on #sweatlife. It is all about showing up for yourself and others, doing your best and always pushing yourself, but cheering those around you on along the way. I love the community they’ve created of inspiring and motivating men and women that you can learn from just gain so much strength from.

So I want to know…what keeps you motivated? What does your workout look like for Fall? What do you want to see more of here for inspiration?

Kailee Wright lululemonKailee Wright lululemonKailee Wright lululemon

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