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My Pool Essentials

kailee wright swimsuit

swimsuit + white shirt + similar glasses + hat

I always get asked what I bring to the pool so I figured I should share my favorite items. I’m just sharing what I bring for myself, not the kids. I’m sharing my favorite sunscreens, nipple covers, pool towel, and more!


super goop + belt bag + nipple covers + fake ring + 30oz stanley + lip mask + sunglasses + straw visor + flip flops + budha bracelets + claw clips + wrap skirt + towel + tula sunscreen


When it comes to face sunscreen, I am picky! I finally found a sunscreen I love from Tula! Tula has 2 great options… a daily SPF 30 sunscreen (perfect for putting on every morning) and a SPF 50 sunscreen that I love wearing while out at the pool or being outside for long perios of time! After applying sunscreen, I use the Supergoop SPF setting powder (SPF 35 mineral) lightly on top. It’s the perfect combination! Don’t forget to use code KAILEE for 15% off Tula products!


This wrap skirt from Amazon is a good staple to keep in your pool bag! It’s always nice to have something easy you can throw on over your swimsuit. This skirt comes in a ton of colors and is under $7!


If you haven’t tried these nipple covers from Amazon, you’re missing out! If you want a little extra cushion around your nipple area, then these covers are for you. They are so smooth, so you can’t tell you’re wearing them under your swimsuit. They stick to your skin very well and hide your nipples through your swimsuit!


I always love adding jewelry to my pool outfit! This Amazon ring has been a top seller for so long which doesn’t surprise me. It’s one of my favorite rings because it’s only $50 and looks like a REAL wedding ring! It’s perfect for the pool, traveling, or anywhere you don’t want to risk losing your actual ring.

Another thing I love wearing are my Budha bracelets! They are lightweight, waterproof, and don’t make any noise. They are the perfect way to add a little bling!


My 30oz Stanley is perfect for the pool because it keeps my water cold for so long, has a straw, AND has a handle! It definitely helps keeps me hydrated throughout the day.


You guys know how much Hunter + I love our Tkee flip flops! They are such good quality… perfect for the pool or with your everyday outfit. They fit true to size as well! (We love the color “pout” the best).


I’ve had these Goodr glasses for a while and I always get questions about them! They’ve definitely been my go-to this summer. They are such good quality and look good on anyone’s face shape!


Our closet is stacked full of Geometry beach towels! They are so thin, making them easy to pack and fold into your bag. They are also really absorbent which is nice for the pool. They wash really well! Don’t forget to use code KAILEE15 for 15% off!


My sisters + I are obsessed with this straw visor. It is the perfect hat for the pool and gives a great amount of coverage! Not to mention that it’s super cute and comes in so many fun colors too. I also bring these claw clips to keep my hair up and out of my face! Two pack for only $6.99!


I know I’m not the only one who gets dry lips at the pool. This lip mask is AMAZING! Keeps my lips hydrated all day, even when I’m outside by the pool. I also love Sun Bum chapstick if you’re wanting some with SPF.


In my opinion, everyone needs a Lulu belt bag! Since they are hands-free, they’re perfect for the pool to hold your phone, keys, cash, chapstick, etc. They have so many fun colors in stock right now which is rare, so act fast! If you’re wanting something cheaper, this Amazon dupe is also a great option!


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What are your pool must-haves?

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