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Our First Cruise Recap

Last week Joe and I went on our first cruise EVER! We honestly had mixed feelings about it. We want to try another cruise before we decide if we are cruise-goers. But it was such a cool experience and of course we loved our quality time together. Today I’m sharing all the details about what cruise line we used, what ship we were on, where we ported, etc!

Our First Cruise

my tank + pants


black set + jacket + belt bag + suitcase


We sailed with Royal Caribbean out of Galveston, TX on the ship, Harmony of the Seas. I think it is one of the biggest boats out there. The ship was absolutely incredible! It was like a mini city floating on the ocean. We had an ocean view deck in our room, which was a complete game changer for us!

There was so much to do on the slip like dry slides, water slides, karaoke, ice-skating rink, swimming pools, hot tubs, gym, spa, etc. Tons of places to eat too! They had shows all throughout the day. The water shows were our absolute favorite. They also had a basketball/pickleball court, mini golf, a wave rider, and more for the kids! I honestly don’t think you could ever get bored on this ship.

my tank + skirt + belt bag + flip flops


The trip was four days total, so we slept on the ship for four nights. There was only one stop and that was in Cozumel. We didn’t really plan any excursions, but they had a ton of options like hiking, jeep tours, etc. We just explored the shopping area and ate at a really good restaurant!

We seriously didn’t do very much besides sleep, eat, take naps, workout, and just enjoy each other’s company. We each got a pedicure and a massage, which was absolutely amazing! For me at least, haha.

blazer + belt bag


The food honestly reminded me of an all-inclusive hotel and wasn’t bad at all! There were so many options that everyone could be happy. We got to meet up with some friends for lunch and it was so fun to see them!

Our First Cruise

my tankshorts + hat

. . .

We used this vacation just to relax and rest! I definitely think it would be such a fun vacation to do with your whole family!

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