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Our Holiday Bucket List of Fun Family Traditions

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When it comes to the holiday season, I am obsessed with creating and continuing on little traditions with my people. Something about having something to look forward to that leaves that memory with them means so much to me. That being said, the holiday season is a crazy one, so prioritizing your traditions and activities is key!! We like to sit down around the beginning of November and plan out our Holiday Bucket List. This bucket list is full of our can’t miss favorite traditions and activities so we get them all in. We make sure each of our people get to add at least one item to the list so it is fun for everyone. So today I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of our favorite traditions, and share a FREE Holiday Bucket List you can download + use for your own family!


This is our longest running family tradition and I absolutely love it, so I wanted to tell you the story behind it. When we first started our little family and it was just Joe, Hunter, and I. I wanted to start something to help me feel a little less home sick. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the very common Christmas tradition of getting pajamas on Christmas Eve. I love pajamas and thought it was the sweetest tradition.

While I loved the idea behind the tradition, I didn’t love the timing. I am a sucker for the cute very Christmasy MATCHING pajamas. So you can see my problem with the timing. I wanted to be able to sport our cute pajamas all season long! So we had the idea to open our pajamas on Thanksgiving night instead! It has become one of our very favorite traditions for 13 years now!

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Kailee Wright Kirkland Cookies


Year after year, this is one thing that ALWAYS makes our list! We love being in the kitchen together, and the holidays make it even more exciting. The little people love decorating sugar cookies (or any kind of cookie), and if I’m being honest…my whole kitchen. But seeing how proud they are with their creations makes it so worth it!

Kailee Wright Montage Deer Valley


I’m not gonna lie, this one is not my favorite on the list because I really don’t like being cold. But the little people LOVE it! Whether it is something simple like building a snow man or sledding or more extreme like last years ski lessons, snow always finds its way on our list!

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That is just a highlight of some of our very favorite traditions! And now for an extra exciting perk. We have teamed up with Megan at Four Hearts Project to create this fun holiday bucket list download for you and your family to enjoy! You can also grab a blank one in her shop and be able to personalize it to all your favorites!! We hope you love it + it helps you enjoy the holiday season with your people even more!

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  1. our elf delivers christmas jammies every year around december 1st. it’s so weird…they just show up on our doorstep by a door bell ditcher! we love it! when the elf is inside…the kids go nuts!


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