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Life Update: We’re Moving Again

WE’RE MOVING…again! If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you all found out about the new house/move yesterday!! If not at the bottom of every newsletter I spill a bit more “GIRL TALK” about my personal life than I do here or even on IG stories. It just feels like such a safe place. But for those of you aren’t subscribed have I got an update for you!!!

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A few months ago, we were really feeling a pull to find a house that would fit our family better (at least for the next 3 years) because we’ve put our build on hold. The current house we’re in we were only planning on being here a year and a half while our dream home got built. Well change of plans! Haha.

We really didn’t want to leave our neighborhood, especially because we live down the street from my parent and Joe’s. AND we didn’t want one more big change for the kids. Lucky enough there was a house being built across the street!! So we put an offer in, confident they would take it, and they didn’t take it. We were pretty bummed. Well, 3-4 months later we put in another offer and GOT IT!! So we are moving AGAIN…just across the street!!

The house fits our family perfectly. It’s not huge but the way it’s laid out with rooms + an extra laundry room I truly feel it was made for us!! And the interior of the house is super modern with cement floors in the basement! Which if you know me this is such a sweet cheery on top.  It should be done the end of January, and I honestly can hardly wait!! The kids are over the moon excited that we are just going across the street and that they ALL don’t have to share ONE bathroom anymore!! It’s been such a rollercoaster, but such a blessing and I can’t wait to share more as things unfold.

The last year of our lives have been completely chaotic and in limbo and we really felt like we’ve been listening to what God’s plan for us. And it’s never been what we expected or planned for. But somehow, it’s always worked out. Of course, not in the timing we would have thought. But in God’s time. So if you’re in a place of limbo and uncertainty, just remember God’s plan is always better.

Thank you for all your prayers over this past year. We have felt them deeply. Thank you for being here on this crazy ride called life. We love you and can’t wait to share more.

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love, kailee


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