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Our Home: Master Bath Organization

Kailee Wright master bathroom organization

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It should come as no surprise to you guys, that to me, an organized space is a happy space. Knowing that everything has a place and we don’t have clutter and excess is a must for me. I swear it makes me function 100 times better! I showed a couple of quick looks in some Instagram Stories couple of weeks ago, and our inbox was FLOODED with questions on the details of what we use/how we organize our bathroom drawers/cabinets. So we found the links and today we are taking you inside our Master Bathroom Organization!

kailee wright bathroom organization

KIDS DRAWER: clear organizers + similar here

One of the biggest challenges to our master bathroom organization, was that alllll 7 of us get ready there. With the kids rooms downstairs, it is just easier for us all to get ready in one space, so I can help with hair and we aren’t going up and down the stairs a million times during an already busy morning. This meant, I had to have a system to keep things functional and organized for each of us. So we made a kids drawer that holds everything they need for brushing teeth, doing hair all the things. I have heard a lot of people do this in their kitchen as well to make it quick access, I personally just didn’t like the idea of mixing hair/toothpaste spit with kitchen. But that is also a great idea to keep things functional for you.

kailee wright bathroom organization

clear organizers + similar here


Another thing I had to consider was where to keep all the product + more importantly, how to organize it! I am normally super minimalist. But having done hair for a lot of years, I like to test out a lot of hair products. And now that I am focusing a lot more on my skin care, I have more a of night time routine as well as a morning routine. So when I stumbled upon these two products, organization dreams came true. Haha!

kailee wright bathroom organization

clear tote holder  |  pmd clean  |
tula faves (20% off with code KAILEE)  |  glopro

First up, I wanted a way to keep my morning and night skin care separated, but still easily accessible. So when I saw these amazing holders on my friend Monika’s Instagram, I had to have them! It is so convenient to be able to just grab the handle and pull out one little caddy with all my morning needs, instead of sorting through multiple bins and drawers. Everything is clear and sleek so not only does it look good, but it is easy to see what you are looking for.


kailee wright bathroom organization

.  .  .

kailee wright bathroom organization

clear bins + similar here + here

The second organization dream product was these bins with LIDS! Again I love that they are clear so you can easily see what you need to grab. The lids keep everything in its own happy little place. Such a game changer!

kailee wright bathroom organization


Kailee Wright master bathroom organization

So I think that covers my little organization hacks in our Master Bathroom! If I missed anything or you have other questions, please let me know here or over on Instagram!

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