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Our Home: Office

Kailee Wright Home Office

rug  |  chairs  pillows  |  lights  |  art  |  glass vase  |  cement planter


After being here for almost 5 months, it finally feels like our house is coming together! So far we’ve shared how the main  Kitchen + Dining  area and the Family Room came together, and we are loving them! In addition to those on the main floor, we have our Office Space. It was the last of the main floor to take on, and I am so happy with how it turned out!

Kailee Wright Home Office

top  |  white jeans  |  slippers  |  disc + bar necklace  |  bracelets  |   harper romper + headband + moccs

When we were designing our house plans, we did not want any wasted space. A lot of house plans we looked at had a formal dining room or additional living room on the main floor. We just didn’t see our family using those. We decided the best use of space would be a family office. The windows bring in amazing light, so it has become  one of our favorite spaces in the house!

I mentioned + showed over on my Instagram Stories that since this was our last room to take on, it kind of became the dumping ground. With it being the first thing you see when you walk in the door it drove me crazy. I was kind of at my wits end + just done with organizing, so I reached out to Chelsea from Neat Method, who I now consider a great friend, and asked for her help.

So after seeing what she accomplished in our pantry, I knew she could help! I honestly wish I would’ve taken before and after pics. They were only here for a few hours and completely transformed the space. It went from piles of papers and endless boxes of crayons + markers to organized heaven. Every single thing is labeled and has an easy to find home. They even folded and made a home for my tissue paper! It makes all my organizing dreams come true!

In addition to being home to all of our art supplies, these beautiful cabinets house a few others things too! I love children’s books, and having them in my home. Living in a rental, we have never had the space to really display them. I l love that we can just open a cabinet and take our pick. The office is also home to all of our wrapping supplies, as well as one of my favorite little spots, the present basket. This basket is full of lipstick, gift cards, hot wheels, and other fun gift ideas. When my little people have a party to go to  they just pick a present out of the basket. They can use the wrapping supplies that are in the very same area and take care of everything themselves! We have all loved it + it makes last minute gifts so easy!

While I’m loving the look of everything perfectly organized, life gets messy with little people. I know it won’t look like this every single day. For this reason, I really wanted everything to be able to be closed off and hidden. I love the way we accomplished that with our custom cabinets. Our designer Ashley worked her magic to help me create the clean, modern look I wanted that complimented the cabinet work perfectly. So I love the pop of color the chairs and couch bring and add to the bright light from the windows.

Because with the help of our amazing designer Ashley + Organizing Queen Chelsea and the team at Neat Method, the room came together just how I had hoped.  It is equal parts clean, organized, comfy and cozy! We are definitely loving having this space complete and ready to enjoy! If  I missed sources for anything you are curious about, leave your questions and I’ll add to the post!

Kailee Wright Home OfficeKailee Wright Home OfficeKailee Wright Home Office

grey + white basket + large basket w/handle black hanging tags

Kailee Wright Home Office Neat MethodKailee Wright Home Office Kailee Wright Home Office

couch  |  cream + gold  pillow  |  navy pillow  |  rug side table  |  little grey pot  |  round coffee table  |  white vase + greenery  |  blue vase  |  gold accent (similar)  |  blinds

Kailee Wright Home OfficeKailee Wright Home Office Neat MethodKailee Wright Home Office


Kailee Wright Home Office

Also this has got to be one of my favorite little details is this charging station!!

Kailee Wright Home Office Neat MethodKailee Wright Home Office Neat Method

similar planter

Kailee Wright Home Office Neat MethodKailee Wright Home OfficeKailee Wright Home Office Neat Method

clear bins  |   black sticky labels  |  clear dividers clear drawer organizers

Kailee Wright Home Office Neat MethodKailee Wright Home Office

photos : aubrey taiese + design: ashley cooper design


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  1. I’ m in love with your house! Please please do a a blog post on every songle room of it because I just love seeing how it’s coming all together.

  2. I’m sorry if I missed it in another post, but have you posted about your blinds before? I love how sleek and minimal they are. Thanks!

  3. Oh, and one more question…what kind of wood are your cabinets made out of? They are the perfect color! Is it a natural stain or a colored stain?

    Thanks again!

  4. love love love your home! the plant cell print is amazing- did you get the frame from minted? the room seems like it gets a lot of light but I don’t see any reflection on the plexi/glass of the picture.. how is this possible?

  5. Hi Kailee. Love your content! Just curious how you stay organized with so many little people, and various schedules etc. Is there a planner or app you use?

    1. Mostly I’m just an old fashioned pen and paper list maker. I make lots of to do lists and have calendars with me alweays but nothing fancy.

      1. I love your office! Espec the wsll of cUpboards/drAwers! Where can i find details about the type of CABINETRY you used?
        Thank you!

  6. I love yoir blue chairs in yoir office, Mind sharing where their from? I wasnt sure if i missed that or not (not sure why this is typing in all caps, sorry!!)


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