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Our Home: The Pool + Gym

Kailee Wright Swimming pool

harper’s swimsuit  ||  houston’s rash guard + swimsuit  ||  my swimsuit + similar sunglasses . |  hayden’s  (sold out) similar style hunter’s swim top ( similar here)  + bottom (similar here)

The pool and gym are finally done and we lived through the craziness of it all!! Ha! It had it’s challenges FOR SURE!  But we are so so happy with it .And now it has instantly become everyone’s favorite place! We had so many questions about the process that I wanted to share a quick update as well as a few pictures of the final product!

kailee wright pool

Once we got all moved and had a second to breathe, we started to get bigger ideas for the backyard. We’ve always wanted our home to be a place the little people loved to be with their friends as well as somewhere we could host family. We knew we wanted the backyard to be an extension of that same feeling. After debating for a couple years on whether we should buy a boat or put in a pool, Joe won out and we went with the pool!

While I couldn’t love it more now, I feel like I barely survived the process itself. Just in time for nice warm weather, the pool company came in a basically ripped apart my entire yard. Such a nightmare with a house full of kids + a puppy that just wanted to play outside. I’ve had a lot of you ask for the company we worked with. And honestly after having so many issues with them I’m not going to recommend them. To add to that fun drama, If you live here in Utah, you probably remember that 2 weeks where we had rain every single day. Which meant a nice long delay for any progress happening on the house.

Another question we’ve had a lot is if we did a hot tub too. We didn’t do a hot tub, just because we didn’t want the added cost + we wanted to leave some space in our yard for the kids to be able to play soccer and other activities on the grass.

Kailee Wright Swimming pool

harper’s swimsuit  ||  my swimsuit + similar sunglasses

We also added on a pool house/home gym and are LOVING it!! It has been so nice to have the option to workout at home on days I can’t make it out. Can’t wait to be able to utilize it all winter!

kailee wright gym

my tank + leggings + similar shoes here + here

FINALLY, just as we were wrapping up summer, we finished!! And it has been 1000% worth it. Now I can have the kids swimming lessons in our own backyard. The bigger kids invite their friends over and want to be here more often, but I don’t have the stress of them making messes in the house. And I think best of all we have made so many fun memories as a family. We still get to be doing something together when Joe is home from work, but we don’t have to pack up allll the things and get in the car and go. We have another way to enjoy each other from the comfort of our own home.

So while it was crazy and not necessarily my favorite summer, we can’t wait for the fun memories to come!

kailee wright poolKailee Wright Swimming pool


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  1. Can you please ask freshly picked for another AFFILIATE code?! I got their diaper bag and now i want the classic city bag and missed out on the last promo you were albe to get us.

    Love yOu and your beautiful Family!



  2. How deep is the water on your baja shelf? We are doing a baja shelf for our new pool and aren’t sure what size to do. Please help!


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