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Our Travel Guide: Mexico

kailee wright mexico trip

hayden’s rashguard  ||  houston’s rashguard  ||  hunter’s similar swim top + bottom  ||  hudson’s rashguard  ||  harper’s rashguard

As most of you saw over on Instagram, we just got back from Mexico with all of the Wright clan. Like most people, due to Covid and the pre-cautions we have been taking, we haven’t taken any big trips since we went to Hawaii in January, so this felt so crazy!! I’m usually such a planner, but we completely put all the plans in Joe’s brothers hands and absolutely loved it! We have been getting so many questions on where we stayed in Mexico, our thoughts about traveling during Covid + crossing the border to Mexico, and all the things, so I’m sharing our experience below!

kailee wright mexico trip

my outfit + similar hat  ||  harper’s mask  ||  hayden’s mask


First up, let’s talk getting there! The resort we stayed at is called Vidanta Puerto Peñasco. It is about 4 hours from downtown Phoenix, or I think around 2 hours from the US/Mexico border. Out of us, Joe’s 5 brothers, and his parents, 4 families drove the whole way, and 2 of us flew into Phoenix and rented a car.

My BIGGEST TIP/WARNING when getting there is to double and then triple check that your rental car allows their vehicles to be taken into Mexico. We got this tip from someone and called to check, thinking we were good to go. But after waiting in line for an hour and a half at the rental place, we were told we could not. I am pretty sure you are safe to use National but that is a big thing to verify. You are also required to Mexican Car Insurance with your rental as well, not just your normal insurance. I think this was an extra $250 ish for the week we were there.

As far as crossing the border goes, since we just drove across, our kids just had to have their passport. If you fly, they are required to have passports. I was nervous to cross, mostly just because of all the stories you hear, but it wasn’t bad, they just checked around in our car and let us go.

kailee wright mexico trip

hudson’s similar tee + shorts + flip flops  ||  houston’s tee + shorts + flip flops  ||  hayden’s similar romper + flip flops  ||  harper’s top + shorts  ||  hunter’s top + shorts + sandals  ||  my dress + hat + sandals  ||  joe’s tee


Since we were staying at a resort that had full kitchens, we planned to stock up on groceries in order to save money and not go out every single meal. Some of Joe’s brothers had been there before and told us to grab any meat we wanted before we crossed the border. We grabbed hot dogs and lunch meat for sandwiches and had a shared cooler, but everything else we purchased there. The yogurt and other dairy stuff was DIVINE and so so yummy.

The resort is not too far from a Walmart + Sams Club.  The morning we go there we headed over and stocked up on everything for breakfasts, easy lunches, and snacks. It was so so nice to be able to sleep in and do meals in the hotel and then just go out for dinners.

kailee wright mexico trip

my suit + skirt + flip flops + similar hat + sunglasses  ||  harper’s similar suit

We drove in to the city/town (about 30 minutes) every night for dinner. These were some of our favorites!

:: Al Capone’s Pizza

:: La Curva (Mexican Food)

:: Mare Blu (so pretty out on the dock)

:: Pane Vino (yummy Italian with a pretty view if you sit upstairs)

:: Wrecked at the Reef (fun outdoor restaurant with a live band)

kailee wright mexico trip

my suit + visor + sunglasses  ||  houston’s rash guard and swim suit   ||  harper’s similar suit 


Usually when we go on family vacations we are go go go, doing a lot of different excursions and planned activities. But this trip was all about relaxing and just enjoying our time with Joe’s family. We honestly did a lot of sleeping in and hanging around the resort. The pool was amazing and we did water aerobics with their instructor daily as well as played lots of volleyball in the pool. We absolutely loved the beach too! The tide went out almost a mile and the water was so shallow forever with no waves, so it was very kid friendly! It was also covered in so many shells!! The kids could’ve spent hours (and did!) gathering shells!

kailee wright mexico trip

harper’s top + shorts

The resort also has a kids club you can pay for, which my kids LOVED! You can do half day for $12 or full day with lunch for $18. They had crafts and fun activities for them to do (while wearing masks) that they loved! The resort also had a Joy Squad that did fun events every day. We had a karaoke night, a beach party, movie night with free popcorn and so many more family friendly activities!

There are quite a few options for excursions if you want to go out and do them. We were just more about relaxing. Horseback riding, boat excursions, and paddle board rentals were some that looked fun!

kailee wright mexico trip

my swimsuit top + bottom  + visor  ||  harper’s rash guard 


Last but not least, and something we’ve got asked about probably the most is the Covid pre-cautions. Flying to Phoenix was like any flight right now. We were all required to wear masks, hand sanitizer was provided (often) and snacks were served in individual baggies.

Covid pre-cautions in Mexico and at the resort were very similar to what we have here in the US. We were required to wear masks around the resort unless we were in our own rooms, in the pool or eating. They had hand sanitizer all around the property and did their best to help people to and social distance around the pool area.

kailee wright mexico trip

I hope these details help answer all your questions about our fun family trip to Puerto Peñasco Mexico!! If I missed anything, ask here in the comments or over on Instagram!

kailee wright mexico tripkailee wright mexico tripkailee wright mexico trip

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  1. Looks fun! Did you have the resort to yOurselves? It looks vacant! And did yOu swim in the ocean is my big question!

    1. Looks like a blast! How did your littles do with wearing a mask? How strict were the airlines about keeping the Mask on the entire flight? WE ard looking tO Travel this summer and everything i read says 2 years and up mist wear a mask at all tiMes in airport and on the plane. Thanks!


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