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What’s in My Amazon Cart: October Finds

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I did a poll earlier this week, asking if you prefer shopping online or in store. About 70% of you were online shoppers and definitely my people! Combine the fact that I don’t have to get ready OR leave the house, and you have my vote!  As a busy mom, anything that saves me time is a win in my book! Of course one of my most visited websites is an obvious for a lot of us, the amazing AMAZON! Seriously if it is not on Amazon, is it even worth having?! I’ve made it my mission to find more out of the box items lately. Things that make life easier, dupes on brands we love, and of course mom hacks and I am rounding them up on the regular over on Instagram. Check out the links below to shop my latest Amazon finds I am loving!


This little gadget has become such a game changer for distance learning! Something about seeing the time on the clock and having a countdown makes getting through those reading minutes that much easier! We have loved using it for school, chores, and anything we need to set a time limit for. I promise you and your kids will love it!


Yes you read that right. Tongue Scraper. And yes I was as skeptical as you probably are. Just reading the name sounds painful but I have heard it is the game changer when it comes to the nasty in your mouth that causes bad breath. I just got it so I haven’t put it fully to the test yet, but reviews say it not only helps clean your mouth and give you fresher breath, but is so great for your overall mouth health and increases your taste too. I will report back but I’m excited to try it out!


Anyone else feel like they are going back to their teen days with Dr Martens making a comeback?! I am all for it and love the cute styles they have. That being said, I don’t always love the higher price tag when I’m buying for my kids because I know they will grow out of the fast. So these total look a likes I found on Amazon were such a score! Highly recommend them!


If you have ever or plan on ever cooking ground beef then this little gadget is going to be your new best friend. I saw it on a friend’s Instagram and had to have it and I haven’t regretted it for a second. It makes separating the meat so dang easy! Definitely a tool you will use often and love in your kitchen.


When it comes to dishes for my kids, I am all about indestructible. But it doesn’t hurt for them to be cute too right?! I loved these bowls I found on Amazon so much that I just ordered more. They are a great quality, don’t look cheap or flimsy, and are just right for that bowl of cereal, or lets be honest ICE CREAM!


Last but not least are these booty bands. These I have actually had for a few months and am obsessed with them. I am here to tell you not all booty bands are created equally. The quality is amazing and I love that they come in a set with different resistance options. You can check out some of my favorite things about bands here.

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I hope you enjoyed this month’s roundup of our favorite Amazon finds! I’d love to hear some of your favorites I need to try out too! Leave me a comment over on Instagram or here to check them out!

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