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Spring Dresses from Baby + Tween to Mom

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my dress sold out similar herehere  |  hunter dress  |  hayden dress (similar)  |  harper dress + headband

Spring is in the air and it has me so excited! Finally seeing the sun + the trees start to bloom again is my favorite time of year! I’m learning the hard way that Northern Utah weather is kind of a tease with spring one day and snow the next, but we have high hopes spring will come for real soon! With the weather changing, so are our wardrobes! Since Easter is usually one of the first signs and celebrations of spring,  Spring Dresses are usually the first thing we think about! Normally I like to do a roundup of what I’m loving for myself, but since I’ve been getting a lot of requests for kids options too,  I thought I’d switch things up and do a roundup of favorite Spring Dresses for the Family!

First of all, before I jump in to the roundup, I wanted to share a little tip. I’ve been getting asked a lot  where I shop the most for our family.  I definitely have my favorite go to stores. Shopping for such a wide range of ages can seem overwhelming. Knowing what fits your personal style + where you can find it is a game changer and has saved me so much time. For myself, I’m sure it is obvious. I love all things Nordstrom. I also love the unique pieces, especially dresses you can find at Anthropologie. For my little people it’s Nordstrom, Gap, and Abercrombie Kids. This is in no way sponsored, they are just the places I find the good quality + style that I love. Knowing places that fit you and narrowing down your search window saves so much time!

So with that in mind, here are my favorite Spring Dresses for baby all the way up to mom! Also incase you missed it I shared a bunch of Easter Basket ideas in this blog POST.


Baby dresses are of course the easiest thing ever to buy. I swear there probably isn’t a dress out there that won’t look cute on a chubby little baby!



Shopping for Hayden is probably one of my favorite age groups. She still loves all things pink and super girly, so dresses are so fun. It probably comes as no surprise that I’m not big into the frilly dresses, but we make a few exceptions. I am definitely more practical and try to go with something that I know she can wear with leggings to school or throughout the summer, not just to church.



Shopping for a tween, while challenging figuring out sizing, has been such a fun change! Having a mini me that is starting to be able to shop in some of the same places as me has been so fun. Like with Hayden, we try to keep things more basic and versatile so its not a one use dress.



I’m all for any excuse to get a new dress, especially a fun spring one. The colors and patterns get me so excited for warm weather. This year I am really loving the different lace overlay options, and fun patterns!



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  1. Knowing places that fit you and narrowing down your search window saves so much time!Oh my goodness, these baby dresses are just too adorable! The combination of comfort and cuteness is on point. Perfect for tiny fashionistas taking their first steps into style! ✨ Loving the vibrant colors and soft fabrics. It’s like a mini fashion show for the little ones! Who knew dressing up a baby could be this much fun? #BabyFashionista #CutestDressesEver”


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