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10 Things You May Not Know About Joe + I

Kailee Wright 10 things about joe and i

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Today we are celebrating our 14 year Anniversary!! I seriously can’t even believe its already been 14 years! I swear we were just young and in love! haha! In honor of our anniversary, I thought it would be fun to tell you more about us, so today I’m  sharing 10 fun things you may not know about Joe + I!

1.  We’ve known each other for 22 YEARS!! … Yes you read that right!! 22 YEARS! We met when we were 12 years old!! Haha such babies but we’ve pretty much been best friends ever since! I shared more of the details as well as a few funny stories over in this post on Valentine’s Day.

2.  Joe grew up in a family of 5 boys. I grew up in a family of 3 girls! Ha can you get more opposite?! Sine we had known each other for so long I figured there would be no surprises for either of us when we got married. I remember about 2 weeks in, Joe came to me saying there was a weird film on the counter top in the bathroom and he could not figure out what it was. That was his introduction to hairspray!! The other biggest surprise was the toilet seat! I grew up with just girls, and as a result, my dad just always put the seat down. It was never something we dealt with in our house. However, in a house of boys, it was the opposite! I remember being so weirded out + confused of why he never put it down!

3.  Joe always knew we’d have 5 kids, even though I always said 4. He never told me he felt that way until I got pregnant with Harper, but he said he knew it from before we had any of our people that 5 would be our number.

4.  Joe + I are  both OBSESSED with ice cream! When we were first married, we lived right down the street from an ice cream place called Scoops. We would walk over EVERY..SINGLE…NIGHT to get ice cream. And when I say “get ice cream”, I don’t mean one scoop…or even two. We each got a full PINT! As a result, I probably gained around 15 pounds in the first month of our marriage. Joe called me Lady Lumps because thanks to the pounds I actually had boobs for once! It is still such a big joke in both of our families. Living in  Kentucky was a problem too! They have the very best Blue Bell ice cream. We would buy GALLONS at a time and make milkshakes every night. So one thing about us…You will never find our freezer without ice cream!

5.  When Joe + I were dating, I told him I always wanted to name one of my kids Hunter. It didn’t matter if it was a boy or girl. He liked the name too until we found out our first was a girl. He was terrified that as a result, she would grow up and hate her name around 16. We don’t worry about it now, but still so funny to me.

6.  Joe played college baseball on scholarship at SUU! (thank goodness for scholarships) Hudson has completely taken on his love of baseball! I love watching him play + relive my days watching Joe.

7.  If we had to pick one thing to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (that wasn’t ice cream) it would hands down be Chips + Salsa, because we  both love Mexican Food!

8.  Joe actually originally wanted to be a pharmacist! However, right before we got married, he changed his mind to being a doctor. After lots of schooling he is now a Cardiac Anesthesiologist and absolutely loves it!

9.  I lived in St George my whole life and would have been more than happy to keep it that way forever! The warm weather and gorgeous scenery, as well as the community was something I was used to.  I did hair as well as coached cheer and was very content! Joe and his school was probably the only thing that could’ve torn me away from it. We lived in Kentucky for 4 years in addition to  California for 5! I am so glad we are making our home here in Utah!  We love being close to family + being able to visit our hometown regularly!  St. George will always have a piece of my heart!

10.  Another big one is we completely balance each other out. Joe never stresses about ANYTHING. If he could he would live in a box…in basketball shorts and a t-shirt.  But I am the complete opposite and love all things fashion + home design…and am a complete stress case 90% of the time!

Well I hope that gives you a little more background on the both of us so you can feel a bit more connected!! I wasn’t planning on sharing some things (lady lumps/scoops), haha but it just happens!! Hope your all having a great day!! Now we’re off to enjoy our anniversary!!


Kailee Wright 10 things about joe and i

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