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Easter Basket Ideas

kailee wright easter basket ideas

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Time is flying by, and if it means winter is almost over I might just be okay with it! Haha! Spring is one of my very favorite times of year. We can finally start to play outside more, the little people are full swing into all of our favorite sports, and it just feels like such a happy time! For me Easter is always the sign of that new fresh season coming in and it gets me so excited! The aisles of Target are already full of yummy treats + cute finds, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite Easter Basket ideas for all  my little people! I’ve broken it down into each of their age groups to make it easy to find  some fun options!



Harper is still little enough that she doesn’t really know its a holiday or “expect” anything, but of course we like to make it fun for her! It’s no secret that we are obsessed with these headbands + moccs. I think I’ll include a fun new springy color in both! I also love to get a small snuggly toy + book too! Super simple and always trying to incorporate items I’d be buying anyway! Also a lot of you asked about the sippy cups the babies were drinking out of the other day and these also make the perfect gift!



I don’t know about you, but for us this is the age that is constantly on the GO! Houston is always ready to do the next thing and sometimes I feel like I can barely catch up! He is pretty easy to please, and his Easter basket is probably the easiest one!  Like with Harper, I try to throw in a few practical items. My favorite is a new swimming suit + some fun flip flops! I do this for all of my people and it always gets them so excited that warm weather is coming! Since it’s not always warm yet,  I like to think of little toys for inside + outside. Really just simple things he loves like bubbles or sidewalk chalk for outside, and markers + sticker books for inside! Also, with his puppy obsession, I’m not sure I’ll be able to say no to this!



Little girls are so fun! If yours are anything like Hayden, she is all things girly. If it is pink or sparkly she is in, so I love finding things for her! I love this adorable nail sticker set + I think she’ll die over this  . She loves playing outside with Houston so  I think she is the perfect age for this fun jump rope! I’ll be including a swim suit + flip flops for her too! Can you tell I’m excited for warmer weather?! haha! She also LOVES anything that makes her feel more grown up, especially shopping, so I think she’ll love a Target Gift Card  for a future kids date!



Hudson is growing up so fast it is crazy! I swear he was just at the age where he still thought bubbles were cool! haha! Like the rest of the world, he (and Hunter) are fully obsessed with all things SLIME! ugh! I really cannot stand it. But in the spirit of letting them be little + have fun, I’ll probably throw some slime making ingredients in his basket. He also LOVES all things sports! I thought this glowing soccer ball you can use at night looks so fun + a gift card to Top Golf! We love doing gift cards for all of our people so we can use them to go on our kid dates I talked about here earlier this week! I think those ideas +  a swim suit + flip flops will be perfect!



How Hunter is already a tween is beyond me! As much as I hate that she is growing up, it has been so so fun to have a mini me. I love a good shopping date out with her because we are starting to be into the same stuff, AND she shares my love of ice cream! Gift cards for a fun girls night out are on the top of my list for her!  She also loves her iPod and has been asking for a new case or pop socket . Her love of makeup and wanting to wear it is still going strong, but luckily for now we’ve compromised with tinted chap stick! And for more practical,  like the rest of my people I’ll do a cute swimsuit + flip flops!


I really like to try and keep things a simple mix of practical  as well as things that will encourage more family fun time. It doesn’t need to be a crazy huge deal, just something to make your people feel special! I’d love to hear some of your favorites to include!



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  1. For almost all holidays I like to do a mix of things too but I do “something to/play with”, “something to wear”, and “something to read”!

  2. I love all these ideas! I am only newly married but I always love to make Easter special, and you have inspired me to start this fun tradition even though it’s just me and my husband for now. I now can’t wait to put together an Easter basket for him! Thank you 🙂


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