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6 Ways You Can Serve From A Distance

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The world is kind of a crazy place right now, I’m sure you will agree! From sickness + quarantines to surprise earthquakes, I kind of feel like I don’t know what to expect next!! It is hard to not let yourself get mentally and emotionally caught up in it and feel overwhelmed. For me, one of the best ways to clear my head and focus on the positive is serving others. With the social distancing we are living in right now, it can seem a little trickier to serve so today I thought I would give you 6 ideas of how you can serve those around you from a distance.


Care packages are such a fun way to bring a little sunshine to someones day. Maybe it is for a girlfriend that is feeling like this is all too much. Fill it with your favorite treats, beauty products, or whatever makes you happy! Maybe it is for a relative or friend that lives alone. It honestly does not matter what you put in the package, the thought alone and a heartfelt note will instantly brighten their day. If you sign up for our newsletter, we will be sending out a fun printable card you can include!


Neighbor surprises are one of my favorite ways to get the kids involved. If you know us, you know how much we love doorbell ditching. Social distancing is the perfect way to combine a way to serve with mastering your ditching skills! Haha! We love putting together handmade cards and cookies for the neighbors just to bring a little sunshine and let them know we miss them!


With all the craziness going on, most grocery delivery pickup/service options aren’t available right now. That can be really hard on the elderly or those who really are in more danger of going out. Give them a call and ask what you can grab for them at the grocery store and drop it off for them. It is such a simple way to serve but again will mean so much.


Meals are another great way to serve. Whether you just double up on your own dinner and drop it off to a neighbor or friend in need, or have the meal delivered for them, it can take such a burden off of people.


Surprise mail is a new idea the kids and I had to serve some of the neighbor friends. They pick out little $5 surprises off of Amazon that they would love and have them shipped directly to their little friends. It is so simple but reminds them that they love and miss them. Rad and Happy offers their $5 Color Happy subscription that we love as a gift as well that you can send straight to a friends inbox!


Last but not least is one of my very favorites. A simple handmade card. Who doesn’t love getting a cute card from your kids? Have them make some to drop off at the hospital for the hard working doctors, grocery store for those putting in the extra hours, or the elderly in your area. It is a guaranteed way to brighten their day and serve by showing your gratitude.

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As you will see here, none of these ways to serve are big and grand. They are all so simple and easy to do, but will have the biggest impact on the recipient. I would love to hear the other ways you and your people are serving those around you during this crazy time!


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