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Our Staycation at The Grand America

Kailee Wright The Grand America Hotel

joe’s swim suit  ||  hayden’s swim top + bottom  ||  hunter’s swim suit  ||  harper’s swim suit
my swim suit  ||  hudson’s swimsuit

Life with 5 little people can get a little crazy! So to say we are excited for a break from some of the schedules for the summer would be an understatement! Now if only we could get Joe on a summer schedule too!! Ha! With the end of school, sports seasons wrapping up, and Joe’s crazy work schedule this past month, it feels like we have had hardly any uninterrupted family time! So we decided to take the next night Joe had off, and take a family staycation at The Grand America and it was JUST what we needed!

Kailee Wright The Grand America Hotel

my top + overalls + hat  ||  joe’s tee + shorts + hat + sandals  ||  hunter + hayden’s tanks  ||  harper’s similar top + shorts + shoes  ||  houston’s top + similar shorts

I don’t know about you, but I really think staycations are underrated! They are honestly the perfect thing if you are short on time or don’t have a huge budget. We loved that we could just pick a night Joe didn’t have to work and make it happen. There was no traveling involved, and packing just consisted of jammies and swim suits so it was so easy! My kind of vacation!! Staycations are also so fun because they give you a chance to explore where you actually live. I think sometimes we take for granted all the amazing things our own little cities have to offer. So this gives you a chance to try new things that are right outside your door! For us that was The Grand America.

Kailee Wright The Grand America Hotel

hudson’s swimsuit  ||   my swim suit + sunglasses  ||  harper’s swimsuit  ||  joe’s swim suit  ||
hayden’s swim top + bottom  ||  houston’s swim suit + top  ||  hunter’s swim suit

Having grown up in Utah and having so many friends from here, I have constantly heard amazing things about The Grand America. It kind of has the reputation of the “IT” place to stay in downtown Salt Lake City, and I completely see why! We fell in love from the second we walked in. The grounds are STUNNING, especially in the spring. So many amazing flowers and water features, ah so pretty! Our rooms were perfect for us too, and one of the biggest perks to The Grand America. We told them we had the 5 kids, so they set us up in a joint room. The big kids were able to have “their own room” that joined up with ours, giving us TONS of space. It is the perfect set up if you are traveling with a family!

Kailee Wright The Grand America Hotel

hunter’s swim suit  || harper’s swim suit  ||  my overalls + swim suit + sunglasses + sandals

Once we got all settled and cozy, we honestly just wanted to RELAX! So we grabbed some takeout and had cookies delivered, for a pj movie party. I know that is totally something we could’ve just done at home, but the kids thought it was the best night ever. They got to stay up late and eat treats in their beds. What more could you ask for?! Haha! If I was reminded anything during this little staycation, it was that it doesn’t have to be this big extravagant thing to be worth it. We are quickly learning that some of the most simple times together are what we all remember and cherish the most. …just swim…jimmy johns + chip…watched a movie.

Kailee Wright The Grand America Hotel

hunter’s swim suit  ||  hayden’s swim top + bottom  ||  joe’s top + swimsuit + hat  ||  harper’s swimsuit
hudson’s swimsuit  ||  my overalls + swim suit + sunglasses  ||  houston’s swim suit + top

Kailee Wright The Grand America Hotel

Another thing we absolutely love about The Grand America is their pools! Utah’s weather has been a little bit wild lately and we had a colder day. It was nice to have the option to swim indoor or outdoor. We loved that the outdoor pool is heated. The kids could’ve stayed to swim all day. Everything about the pool area and the hotel in general, you can tell they had family focus in mind, but without compromising on quality at all. They just kind of think of everything!

Kailee Wright The Grand America Hotel

hunter’s swim suit  ||  houston’s swim suit + top  ||  my overalls + swim suit + sunglasses

Kailee Wright The Grand America Hotel

So if you feel like you need a little uninterrupted family time, consider a staycation. All the perks of memory making, family time, and fun are there, without the stresses of packing, traveling, and over spending. So if you are in Utah, I HIGHLY recommend The Grand America as the best family friendly spot downtown. We can’t wait to go back around Christmas and be within walking distance to all the magic of Salt Lake at Christmas time.

in partnership with The Grand America

photos : aubrey taiese 

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