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3 Things I Love About Joe As A Dad

Kailee Wright Pampers Pure Fathers day

harper’s top + shorts + bow  ||  joe’s tee  + shorts  ||  diapers + wipes  ||  rug + dresser + art + basket

Raise your hand if your hubby always wins the title of “fun parent”?! I swear the little people would vote Joe hands down as the fun guy around here and I don’t blame them!! He just has such a relaxed, care free personality that the little people can’t get enough of, and I love that about him! With Father’s Day just around the corner, today I wanted to share a little behind the scenes dad style of 3 things I love about Joe as a dad!

Kailee Wright Pampers Pure Fathers day

harper’s top + shorts + bow  ||  joe’s tee  + shorts  ||  diapers + wipes  ||  crib + rug + art + basket


Is it just me or do you feel like dad’s tend to get a bad rap when it comes to parenting? In most cases mom’s seem to get most of the credit, especially when it comes to the daily dreads of things like diaper duty. But not Joe. When he is home, he is 100% hands on with the little people and I LOVE that about him. He works long hard hours at the hospital, and honestly if I were him I would probably want to just come home and crash, but he always jumps right in to dad mode. Whether it is throwing pitches to Hudson in the backyard, or dealing with a diaper blow out in the nursery. He is all in and just as much a part of the parenting in our house as I am.

Kailee Wright Pampers Pure Fathers day


Another thing I love about Joe as a dad and really all around, is that he is so dang fun. Any one that knows Joe knows he is hilarious and always cracking a joke. I love that this translates into his parenting too. For example, when it comes to changing diapers, I make it a quick get it done process. Out with the old, put on a fresh Pampers Pure Diaper, and we are on our way.

But with Joe, it is totally different. Yes he is in and out with the actual diaper changing process, but there is always  more fun involved. He over exaggerates the stinky diaper to make them laugh.  He tickles them while he has them trapped for diaper duty. Or Houston’s favorite, he turns it into a post diaper change wrestling match to try and beat dad. It is all about fun and taking what could just be a monotonous diaper change, and making it into something the babies love.

Kailee Wright Pampers Pure Fathers day

Kailee Wright Pampers Pure Fathers day


The third thing I really love and admire about Joe as a dad is his patience. It is something I really strive to be more like him at. He will take the time to really get on the babies level and do things at their pace. Toddlers are VERY independent and I’ll be honest, it totally tests my patience and I just want to do things for them to get it done. But Joe is so laid back.  He will take the time to help Harper get a matching Pampers Pure diaper on her baby doll. If Houston wants to build the ultimate race car track, Joe is right there telling him how awesome he is doing. Nothing is ever rushed with dad and the babies feel so important in his eyes.

The same goes for meal time. With 5 little people it can be straight chaos. Making sure all the little people get something to eat, avoiding messes, and having enough time usually makes for a stressful experience for me. Joe can be in charge and take the same hectic hour and turn it all fun! Maybe it is his choice of smoothies and pizza for dinner. Or maybe it is that he always comes up with a fun game of who can eat the fastest or a certain way to just have that interaction with them. He just has a way about him to be patient and make things so fun!

Kailee Wright Pampers Pure Fathers day

You all know how Joe much Joe loves the spotlight online… but with Father’s Day around the corner, I just wanted to give him a little extra love and attention he deserves for being the best dad our little people could ask for! So I want to know! What is something you admire or love about how the dad in your house parents your babies?

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