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Sweater Round Up


grey ribbed sweater  |   jeans + similar  shoes


I’ve mentioned it here before, and it should be no surprise to me, but you guys, Northern Utah is COLD! The craziest part is this has been like a record setting warm year, and we’ve basically had zero snow. But this California girl is freezing! As much as I hated to see Summer + Fall go, I love the opportunity living somewhere that has all 4 seasons brings to switch things up in your closet. When it comes to Winter, a good sweater is my favorite thing to find. Because they are so comfortable. Not to mention they keep you cozy and warm in the harsh weather, but can pull together some of my favorite looks!

If you follow me on Instagram, I mentioned I recently (well I shared on my stories) that I went on the hunt for a few new ones. I found so many fun options so I wanted to do a little  round up to share my favorites! I still need a few more, because now I’m living in them. So if you would share some of your favorites + where you got them below I would just love you more!!

Also HERE is the one I’m wearing in the picture I just shared on Instagram with harper.


navy ribbed sweater


gray zip up coat


black sweater big turtle neck


yellow with polka dot sweater + here


blue sweater naps + snacks


big sleeve cream – similar

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