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The Best French Toast

After sharing my french toast whiskey hack from yesterday, I got flooded with people wanting the recipe! This french toast is SO good and SO easy! Sharing all the ingredients and instructions below!


(I honestly just eyeball the ingredients. For my family, I fill up our mixer a little over halfway with all the ingredients)

thick texas toast

3/4-1 cup heavy whipping cream (or whole milk)

7-8 eggs

1-2 tablespoons of vanilla (we love the mexican vanilla)

1-2 tablespoons of whiskey (we love the Jack Daniels Apple Whiskey– game changer!!)

1-2 tablespoons of cinnamon


combine everything into your mixer and BLEND!! blending it is the KEY!

pour mixture into your pan + add a little more cinnamon

dip your bread into the mixture, make sure it’s fully covered

place piece of bread on griddle and cook both sides of bread


any fruit (we love strawberries)

buttermilk syrup

powdered sugar

nutella or cookie butter

sometimes we add icing on ours, it’s a sugar rush but so so good! one cup powdered sugar and about 3 tablespoons of milk (depending on the consistency you want)

. . .

We hope you guys enjoy this french toast as much as we do!!



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