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The Manly Gift Guide : 20 + Ideas for the guys!

kailee wright behind the scenes family pictures

  joe’s top + tie + pants + shoes  |  my dress

CHRISTMAS EVE is 6 WEEKS from today!! Can you even believe it?! If you’ve been joining us all week, we’ve been tackling gift guides for everyone on your list to get your shopping done nice and early. Trust me, you’ll love it when you are done and get to actually enjoy the holiday season! So far we’ve covered in-laws + parents, non-toy gifts for kids, and teen girls! Check them out if you haven’t already because they have some amazing ideas you’ll love! Today we are highlighting what for me is one of the trickiest of all. THE GUYS! They never say what they want…and I don’t want to settle for boring. So I quizzed Joe, did my research and asked you guys for your best ideas, and we put together 20 + ideas the guys will love!

kailee wright men gifts

yeti  |  drone  |  wallet socks  |  watch band  |  slippers  |  leatherman  |  legos  |  beanie  |
phone case  |  bug a salt  |  grilling tools  |  portable charger


: Yeti – I got this for Joe last year and I will say it was one of my biggest gift wins in our marriage. Haha! He absolutely loves it!!! We love using it for road trips because it keeps things icy cold but doesn’t take up our whole trunk space either.

: Drone – Let’s be honest. Most of our guys are just like big kids really, so we had to include a few toys! A drone is the perfect grown up “man toy” for the guys.

: Wallet – Now at first look a wallet might seem a little  boring, but sometimes we have to go the practical route and get them things they really need too. My favorite way to put a fun spin on this idea is by filling it with gift cards to some of their favorites. Maybe his favorite gas station to grab a drink on the way to work, or your favorite restaurant for date night. Just a fun simple way to spice it up.

: Socks – I know another practical one, but everyone needs socks! This one would work great as a stocking stuffer. If you want to put a fun spin on it, you could get them a sock box subscription that comes with a few fun pairs of your style every month!

: Watch Band – They tend to keep it a little less obvious than us, but I promise guys like to accessorize too! A great feature of the Apple Watch is that you can kind of personalize it to your style by switching up your watch band. Colors + even materials can be switched to make it more you.

: Slippers – Winter is cold around here so we are all about nice cozy feet! I think slippers are typically thought of for us girls, but we forget the guys feet get cold too! I love gifting good quality slippers to my dad or father in law and Joe loves his!

: Leatherman – This little gadget is the ultimate man present. If the guys on your list don’t have one, get one! They come in handy when you least expect it and are so nice to have on hand for emergencies too!

: LEGOS – Just like I mentioned above, shopping for guys can be just as fun as shopping for kids! We love legos in our house, Joe included! Usually the guys just get stuck with the job of assisting the kids, when we all know they want to take over and build something themselves. So why not snag them one of these more high tech advanced sets to get in on the fun?!

: Beanie – Guys might not have a lot of clothes on their wish list, but a beanie is one you can’t go wrong on. I love this idea for brothers/brother in laws/guy friends that you aren’t getting super personal gift for, but still want to get something they will use and love. They’ve gotta stay warm too!

: Phone Case – I have shared my love for Loopy Cases at least a million times, but lets add one more because it is SUCH a great gift for anyone on your list, including the guys. Not only do the protect your phone, but they give you the option of being hands free so you can carry more without your phone in the way. And I promise they have plenty of “manly” styles. And as always, you can use code KAILEE10 for 10% off 1 and KAILEE15 for 15% off 2 or more.

: Bug A Salt – We included this one in last years mens gift guide, and could not believe the response! So many of you snagged it for your guys and reported back that it was their favorite gift! So of course we had to include it again! Again it is the ultimate toy for grown ups, and you get the bonus of your house being bug free!

: Grilling Tools – If your guy is anything like Joe, he loves his grill! A lot of times we get stuck thinking of the huge gifts, like the grill, and forget about the accessories! Grilling tools are the perfect gift for a man that likes to bbq, and you get to benefit from the yummy food he makes!

: Portable Charger – This is another one that I’ve shared in about 100 different gift guides for every holiday out there, but it is because it is that good. If there is a person out there you are shopping for that doesn’t have this portable charger, this is what they need! It can charge your phone around 6 times before needing to charge again and is such an awesome peace of mind to have with you, especially while traveling.

: Car Detail – Is there anyone that doesn’t love a clean car?! Scheduling a car detail is basically the perfect gift for anyone on your list, especially your guy. We love using Fresh Detail because not only do they do an incredible job (check out their before and afters), they come right to your house!! So you aren’t sitting around in a shop somewhere thinking of all the things you could be doing while you wait.

kailee wright behind the scenes family pictures

hudson’s similar top + pants  |  houston’s top + similar jacket + pants  |
joe’s top + tie + pants + shoes


If you are like me, sometimes you feel like the guys already have everything they could possibly need. That is why I love to go for the gift of experiences. Plan something they will love that they wouldn’t normally treat themselves too!

: Overnight with You – Schedule an overnight date with you! Don’t just give them a card that says let’s go on a date night, PLAN IT and just tell them they are coming! Check their work schedule, schedule a babysitter, book the hotel, dinner reservations, everything!! Zero work for them and a b break from real life they will love!

: Golf Trip with Boys – Another experience they will love! But don’t gift it as permission. Schedule it out for them! Maybe work with his buddies wives to make it a group gift they all get this year. Make reservations for them and plan it out!

: Year of Date Nights – This is one I LOVE to gift! If you know us, we really try hard to make date night a priority. And we are ok with just the dinner and dessert option. Think of how fun it would be to plan 12 dates out for the year where you do something else. Maybe you buy tickets for a concert in the summer, or an amusement park. Even if you can’t afford them all at once, just write the ideas in 12 envelopes and each month you have a fun out of the box date night planned together.

: Plan Something Out Of Your Norm – As we get old, sometimes we get a little boring. And a lot of the time our guys are the ones that are still kids at heart wanting to go and do/try all the things. Plan something for you to go together that HE LOVES that is more out of the norm for you. Basically his dream date night. Make it about him. Here are some ideas!

. ifly indoor sky diving . go shooting . axe throwing . race car driving . driving range . batting cages

: Tickets – Gift him tickets to an upcoming event he will love. Maybe it is tickets to watch his favorite team. Tickets for a band he love that is coming in to town. If you wanted to go bigger, you could make it a trip to the game instead. Our Boston trip to watch the Red Sox was SO much fun and was just a quick weekend together.

kailee wright behind the scenes family pictures

houston’s top + similar jacket + pants  |  joe’s top + tie + pants + shoes  |
harpers romper + shoes  |  my dress

Whether you are shopping for your hubby, boyfriend, son, brother, or dad…I hope this list helped spark the perfect gift idea for them! And if you have a genius idea I need to know about, leave it in the comments here or on Instagram so I can add it in!


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  1. I got so many good ideas for my dad in this!! He would love the car detail, but im really hoping to pull off Patriots tickets fOr him!!


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