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The Perfect Gift Ideas For Every Girl On Your List

Kailee Wright womens Chirstmas gift guide

pajama top + bottom  |  beanie  |  socks

We are t-minus 3 days away from Black Friday and the transition to all things Christmas! I can’t believe how fast it has hit! If you didn’t have a chance to see, last week we started sharing our annual gift guides! First up we shared the ultimate gift guide for alllll the guys in your life. From the practical gifts, to the experiences, to the things worth splurging for, we covered it all. And on Friday we shared the ultimate tip to making your kids THE EASIEST to shop for on your list! I’m telling you it’s a game changer.

So that leaves the ladies for today. I don’t know about you but I feel like I have so many different types of women on my shopping list! I thought it would be a fun spin on the typical gift guide to break it down into every type of girl  you might be shopping for and the gifts I’m loving most, so I hope it helps!

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Kailee Wright Walmart workout

jacket sports bra  |  leggings  |  shoes ||  rug  |  nightstand  |  pink vases + greenery


  • the BEST leggings : These leggings are my favorite! Buttery soft and hold you in in all the right places so you get a super flattering look.
  • yoga mat : A good yoga mat is a must for working out! I’ve recently been using this new line from my friends over at Gathre Mat and loving it! This one is a fun pop of pink too!
  • the BEST meal plan + protein powder : If you follow along over on Instagram, you know I started using a new meal plan from Clean Simple Eats. You guys…I am the first to admit that I am PICKY, so usually meal plans just don’t work. But I am LOVING this and my family is too! Their line of protein powder is my go to every single day for breakfast because it is just that good. You can use code KAILEE for $15 off.
  • apple watch : Now that I’ve been working out regularly, I have been LOVING my Apple Watch. It tracks my time, calories, distance, everything!! If you workout or are trying to get into a better routine, this is a must have so you can see your progress!
  • cute tank : If you saw my blog post on how I stay motivated to workout, you know one of my best ways is a cute outfit to do it in. In addition to the leggings above, I love a cute tank to pair with it. It is the perfect option for the fitness guru on your list!
  • my favorite tennies : These tennies are my tried and true FAVORITE shoes! They are so comfy and go with everything. I love them for working out and running errands with my little people.
  • water bottle : I don’t know about you, but I struggle to drink enough water like I should. Having this big water bottle constantly by my side has been a game changer. It keeps my water icy cold for hours, making it way more doable for me.
  • magic bullet : Every morning for breakfast I have the super yummy protein shake I mentioned above. I absolutely love that this little gadget makes it so quick and easy to measure out what I need and throw it together fast.
  • baseball hat : After a workout or on a busy day, I’m all about throwing on a hat and going. I love a cute baseball style hat like this one and this one.


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Kailee Wright womens Chirstmas gift guide

my top + leggings  || harper outfit (sold out) + headband  ||  tula products (use KAILEE for 20% off)


  • the BEST face cleanser : I love this cleanser and use it every single day! The gel texture is the best! My face feels so clean and refreshed, but it doesn’t leave you with that tight dry desert face feeling after using it like a lot of other face washes. And it is full of probiotics so it nourishes your skin.
  • the BEST moisturizer : This moisturizer is amazing!! I love that it is not too heavy feeling, but still gives you all the moisture you need. You never have that greasy shine that a lot of hydrating creams do, just a nice clean glow. It is such a favorite that it I gifted it to my mom and sisters last year and they are just as hooked!
  • exfoliating pads : I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like taking the time to wash my face and then exfoliate can be such a pain. Insert these AMAZING exfoliating wipes. Yes wipes. They make it so quick and easy and your face feels incredible after!!
    YOU CAN USE CODE KAILEE to get 20% off all 3 items above + anything else on the site including these fun holiday bundles at amazing prices! 
  • nail polish : You can never go wrong with a cute nail polish for your girlfriends. I love this one for an at home gel option, and it comes in so many cute colors!
  • curling iron : I get asked all of the time how I get my curls, and this is the magic tool. It holds the curl so well and is so easy to use.
  • pressed powder : If there is one product I can say I know is good it is this pressed powder. I’ve been using it for over 10 years and love it! I usually get it in a shade darker and use it as a bronzer. My number one reason for using it is additional sun protection. Its a great way to finish off your makeup with a little glow + know you’ve got another layer of protection.
  • tanning machine : I think its safe to say every woman feels a little more confident and put together with a nice tan. But of course, I don’t want the damage of the actual sun. So I’ve been using this spray tan machine and LOVING it! It is so easy to do myself or have joe help me. I love the look it gives and how long it lasts. If you need something a little simpler for a girlfriend or stocking stuffer, this cream is a game changer too and I love the results.
  • lip scrub : This stuff is so so good. It is the perfect girlfriend gift. Unlike most lip scrubs, it doesn’t leave a gross looking film after you use it. It has a subtle tint, just like a lipstick and leaves your lips feeling amazing!
  • bathpack brushes : This may just be the ultimate girlfriend gift. At only $5 dollars, you cannot beat the price!! They are the best brushes with the softest touch, so I love using them on my girls! You can use this link to get free shipping!


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Kailee Wright Freshly Picked mom shoes

top cardigan  jeans  |  belt  |  shoes bag


  • the BEST bag : I’ve shared about this a million times, but it is THAT good! This has become my go to bag! The pockets, the functionality, the quality, they cannot be beat! I love their new clutch and crossbody for on the go trips by myself too! I can’t pick a favorite!! And even better, if you join THE FRINGE, you get 20% off on top of any sales. And GUESS WHAT, this guy is going to be on sale for Black Friday THIS WEEK! Plus you can use code KAILEExFP to get your first month free which means another $10 off!! You will not regret it!!
  • my favorite jewelry : I get asked all the time about my everyday jewelry and love sharing because the quality is amazing. I love the idea behind such sentimental pieces and think they are the perfect thoughtful gift.
  • cute hat : If you are constantly on the go like me, sometimes getting all the way ready just isn’t going to happen. Insert my favorite mom hack…a cute hat! These are my go to hats. The quality is so good and I love the cute classic styles.
  • phone case : I don’t know what I’d do without my Loopy Case! With two babies in tow, I love that it keeps me hands free so I can hold them AND it protects my phone. It is totally a game changer. And bonus, you can use code KAILEE10 for 10% off or KAILEE15 for 15% off two or more.
  • basic tee : You can’t go wrong with a basic tee. I think we all love and they are great to throw on as part of your ever day momiform. Pair them with cute jeans or these joggers and you are set! I love gifting these to girlfriends because I know they will be a favorite.
  • slippers : We have a strict no shoe policy in our house, so cozy slippers are a must! These would be the cutest girlfriend gift and I promise they are so comfy!
  • portable charger : We could not live without this charger and it is one of my favorite things to gift because everyone can use it!! It is so convenient to have in the car or on trips and can charge your phones multiple times before needing to be re charged so you are never left with a dead battery.


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Kailee Wright Master Bedroom minted

bed  |  bedding  |  white blanket blue pillows  |  white fuzzy pillow  nightstands pink  + gray vases   greenery  |  art lights


  • accent pillows : It should come as no surprise that I’m obsessed with pillows, so I had to include them here. I love the pop it can give to your space, and that they can be changed so you can give the room a whole new feel. I love gifting these pillows to my girlfriends that love home decor and modern design.
  • my favorite bowls : I have loved and collected these bowls for years. I love that they come in soooo many colors and make such a fun statement in your kitchen decor. They are the perfect price point so you can gift them to your girlfriends with a favorite treat!
  • candle : You can never go wrong with a yummy smelling candle. This one has always been my favorite and makes for a great gift!


Kailee Wright womens Chirstmas gift guide

candles  |  clear vase + greenery

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Kailee Wright womens Chirstmas gift guide

top  |  skirt  |  disc necklace + crescent necklace  |  clutch


When it comes to shopping for the fashionista, you can’t go wrong gifting them an identical option of something  you are obsessed with in your own wardrobe!! I’ve linked some of my favorites below that I get asked about most, so you can shop what I would for sure gift to my girlfriends!


Kailee Wright womens Chirstmas gift guide

graphic tee  + jeans + bag

From super mom, to workout queen I think we’ve covered it all so I hope we made your shopping a little easier!! If you have a go to girlfriend gift  I missed, I wanna know so I can add it for everyone to see!

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