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The Ultimate Guide to Shopping For The Guys

Kailee Wright mens gift guide

houston top + similar jeans + flip flops  ||  joe top + shorts + flip flops

I don’t know how it seems to happen every single year, but time has flown by!! Somehow I checked my calendar and CHRISTMAS is 6 WEEKS from today!! Can you even believe it?! If you are anything like me, you like to take care of alllll the shopping as soon as possible, so you can just enjoy the holiday season with your people. So I thought what better time to put together some gift guides that will make shopping for everyone on your list a breeze!! First up is the one I think is the trickiest to shop for…THE GUYS! They never say what they want…and I just always have a harder time. So I quizzed Joe…and did my research and I think I found something for every guy on your list!

Kailee Wright mens gift guide

houston top + similar jeans  ||  joe top + shorts  ||  hudson top + jeans


For me, I love gifting Joe things we can go and do together. I’m all about cherishing our time together, so experiences are some of my favorite gifts! Here are a few I love!

  • DATE NIGHT : Who doesn’t love date night?! One of my favorite gift ideas for guys is a gift card to their favorite restaurant for a night out together.
  • COUPLES MASSAGE : Yes please! Can you really say no to a gift that is for yourself too?! haha! I don’t know a guy out there that couldn’t use a little relaxation and pampering.
  • SPORTS TICKETS : Talk about a dream gift for the athletic guy in your life. Plus it gives them something to look forward too!
  • GOLF PASS : Whether it’s a gift card to your local course, or to Top Golf, this is sure to be a win!

Kailee Wright_Nordstrom Menswear_Navy Dress


Growing up can make the things on our wish list a little less thrilling, but that doesn’t make the practical gift idea any less wanted or needed! Sometimes you just don’t want to go out and buy yourself these things, and you guy probably feels the same way, but they make great gifts!

  • GRILL SEASONING + SAUCES : Joe loves to whip up new creations on the grill, and these spices + sauces from Lanes BBQ cannot be beat! They are so affordable and the flavors are out of this world! I love the little gift set options that are the perfect size for neighbors too! You can use code KAILEEGIFTGUIDE for 20% off!
  • WALLET : Every guy needs a wallet right? We love Thread Wallets because they are so slim they don’t bug you having them in your pocket. They are super affordable PLUS they will be 30% off for Black Friday! My favorite way to put a fun spin on this gift idea is by adding a gift card to his favorite restaurant or movie in too!
  • SHAVING KIT : Men have to shave too! I love all the options for shaving kits + razors.
  • PORTABLE CHARGER : We could not live without this charger and it is one of my favorite things to gift because everyone can use it!! It is so convenient to have in the car or on trips and can charge your phones multiple times before needing to be re charged.
  • CAR DETAILING : Getting this done is SUCH a game changer! If you are like me you function so much better in a clean space. We have been using Fresh Detail here in Utah and he is AMAZING! So so affordable and your car looks brand new inside and out. Tell him Kailee sent you and he will hook you up!

Kailee Wright mens gift guide

my skirt + top  ||  hunter sweater + jeans  ||  joe shorts + tee  || rug + nightstand


  • BLUETOOTH SPEAKER : These are such a great gift idea for any guy! This particular one is SUPER affordable, SUPER portable, WATER RESISTANT + SPLASHPROOF (perfect for boating), has great sound quality AND  has over 30k amazing reviews.
  • ATHLETIC SHOES : If your guys out there are anything like Joe, you can’t go wrong with a new pair of Nike’s. I swear he could never have enough, which makes it a super easy gift to grab!
  • JOGGERS  + BASIC TEE : If you haven’t noticed, when it comes to clothes, Joe is prettttty easy going. Give him a good pair of shorts or joggers and a basic tee and he is set!
  • BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES : This is another one that I don’t think we could live without. Joe loves these for when he is working outside, working out, or traveling. This option is SUCH a good price and I’ve heard great reviews on them! At that price they would make a great stocking stuffer!
  • BUG – A – SALT GUN : Ok you are probably reading that title and thinking I’m crazy. But my assistant Michelle said she got one for her husband and he is obsessed now. It is the ultimate man present. It uses grains of salt to kill pesky flies, but something about having the power speaks to their manly instincts. I promise they will love it!

kailee wright men gift guide


  • APPLE WATCH : When these first came out, I’m not gonna lie, I thought they were so weird and not necessary. But I was convinced to try it out and I don’t know what I would do without mine now. I especially LOVE using it to track my fitness goals. It is a great way to limit your screen time too and be more present. If your guy is in to working out he will LOVE it.
  • NEW SUIT : Something about seeing Joe in a crisp new suit is just so so good. But a new suit is not always something they want to go out and get themselves. I highly recommend True Gentleman. They are amazing to work with and have the best quality custom suits.
  • DRESS SHOES : Just like a suit, Joe is not a fan of going to buy these, but they totally complete the look and are a must have he will appreciate.
  • COLOGNE : Talk about another gift idea for the guys that benefits you! Who doesn’t want their man smelling amazing? I love this gift idea for my dad too.
  • AIR PODS : A little higher price tag than the bluetooth headphones above, but worth it for new iphone users. These are so dang convenient when you are driving or multi-tasking and needs to be hand free at home.
  •  BLUETOOTH SPEAKER : While the more affordable option is on Tried + True list, We LOVE having this one around the house. It is so fun to break out for a dance party or get together in the back yard. Joe loves having it when he is working outside or playing baseball with the boys. It is definitely one of our most used “gadgets”.
  • BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES : Also in our tried and true, but if you are looking for a little higher quality WITH noise cancelling you will love these!
  • SOUND BAR : We love snuggling up for a good move in the basement. But if your guy is anything like Joe, it has to be movie theater sound quality. Haha! This sound bar has been so awesome and really makes the movie or game so much better.


  • FUN SOCKS : Who doesn’t love a fun pair of the softest socks? These are great for stocking stuffers!
  • WATER BOTTLE : We are always on the go, so a good water bottle is a must. We love these because they keep your drink cold forever!!
  • PHONE CASE : It should come as no to surprise to you that a Loopy Case is on my gift guide for everyone. They are just that good. I love that they keep your hands free, protect your phone, and just make life easier, no matter who you are! Use code KAILEE10 for 10% off and KAILEE15 for 15% off 2 or more!
  • AMAZON GIFT CARD : If all else fails, you can never go wrong with an Amazon Gift Card and their favorite treat! This is my go to for those hard to buy for guys.

Whether you are shopping for your hubby, boyfriend, son, brother, or dad…I hope this list helped spark the perfect gift idea for them! I want to hear you go to gift ideas for guys too!

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