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Top Five Maternity Jeans


cardigan  |  white shirt  |  jeans  |  booties + similar


cardigan + similar  |  shirt  |  jeans  |  booties + similar + here  |  clutch  |   bar necklace

So we are official on the countdown till baby girl gets here!! The little people are flipping out and ask daily “How many more days till baby comes out?” haha. With my last + final pregnancy ending soon I thought I’d share my top five maternity jeans with you all!! I’ve been through a lot of brands + styles through out the years with all my pregncnies and these FIVE jeans are by far my favorite + most comfortable. So tell your expecting mama friends to hop on over here!!



  1. Light Jean: I love having a lighter weight maternity jean. These jeans are over the belly + have a great stretch to last all through your entire pregnancy. Which we all need one pair like this.
  2. White Jean: These white jeans are also an “over the belly fit”. They are lightweight and really comfortable. This is usually the cut I have to go with due to my huge belly. haha.  I also cut my own holes in the jeans which is a super easy trick to change up the style of the jean!
  3. Darker Jean: This pair of darker jeans are from Madewell! The low cut low in front + high in the back really allow these jeans to stay put!! They are the low belly coverage and I love distressing + holes in the knees. They also have a raw edge hem that I love!!
  4. Black Jean: I absolutely love these black jeans that are also a from  Madewell. They are pretty stretchy and won’t bag or slip down as you go throughout your day! My belly is usually to big for any “low band or low belly” jeans but these are the first pair I have found that work!!
  5.  Boyfriend Jean: These jeans are made with a heavier material that is great for the first half to middle of pregnancy or during those cold winter months. I love the full coverage in the front + also love the boyfriend style fit!

Let me know if you have any favorites that I MUST add to the list!! I always like to update post + hear all your wonderful suggestions!! Thank you all for your love + support here!!

xx – kails




cardigan  |  shirt  |  pants  |  booties 


shirt  |  jeans + here  |  booties + here  |  purse  |  necklace


cardigan + similar  |  white shirt  |  jeans  |  bracelets + here  |  booties  |  hat  |  bag


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  1. Hi Kailee,

    I just found your blog through instagram & I’m obsessed b/c you make pregnancy and motherhood look so good. I’m expecting my 4th child and I it’s inspiring to read from other mamas of lots of kids – so thanks!
    Also i LOVE your style & i want to buy everything you recommend, lol!

    I have 2 questions – how do you stay so fit during pregnancy?
    And ,if you don’t mind sharing, how tall are you? I’m on the shorter side so i just want to estimate how it’ll translate to my body proportions.



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