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The Ultimate Baby Gift Guide

ultimate baby gift guide.

stroller  |  oneises  |  moccs  |  swaddles blankets  |  solly wrap

bibs  |  binki  |  swing  |  puj tub  |  hats

giraffe toy  |  bag  |  headband  |  car seat

Hey friends!! I hope you all are having a fabulous day!! I have had a bunch of you ask me about my favorite baby items + products I just can’t live without. So I decided to give you “The Ultimate Baby Gift Guide”. Every single one of these products I currently own and have used over and over with baby Houston and/or my other little people. These are items I love and would highly recommend!! I hope you are able to get some ideas for your own baby’s, pregnant mama’s, girlfriends or daughters that are having a baby or or anyone you know that has a little one!! Also, check back on my Instagram later tonight for an amazing #kaileesholiday GIVEAWAY!! Trust me you won’t want to miss it!! Happy Holidays!!

  • stoller  |  If you have followed along with us from the beginning you know I got my stroller way before Houston was even born!! I had read so many great reviews about the IVVI and the versatility + it has exceeded my expectations, and then some!
  • oneises  |  These are by far one of my favorite staple for baby.
  • moccs  |  Houston lives in his moccs!! They are so soft and comfortable and they ACTUALLY stay on his tiny feet + never fall off!! Plus I love that they are a keepsake too.
  • swaddles blankets  |  All my babies have loved to be swaddled, and these blankets are huge! I also use mine for nursing covers or to cover the stroller + they are really light weight which I like.
  • solly wrap  |  This is a MUST HAVE / CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT item!! I wear Houston at least a couple times a day and this Solly Wrap it’s the only way we survived the first few months of colic…and the only way I got anything done around the house. I love that I could wear him and still attend to all my other little people.
  • bibs  |  I love that these bibs look more like and accessory then a huge ugly bib. haha. They are soft + I usually leave Houston’s on all day long because he has just started drooling everywhere!!
  • binki  |  These binki’s go FAST!! I have snagged a few extra anytime they’re avalible. I just love the clean + modern design and they are so hard to find!! So buy them all!! haha.
  • swing  |  We all love this swing from 4moms!! And that fact that you can play music from you iphone and it has all the calming noises, is amazing!
  • puj tub  |  Honestly, this tub is the best gift ever!! I wish I would’ve had it with all my other little people!! Houston has NEVER once cried during bath time and I know it’s because of this awesome tiny tub. It fits in the sink and has holes so you can constantly have warm water running on your baby.
  • hats  |  I’m a sucker for baby hats.
  • giraffe toy + here  |  We can’t leave the house let alone the room without this thing! It’s just so easy for babies to hold and chew on!
  • bag  |  I absolutely love that this bag doesn’t scream diaper bag!! And bright fun colors have me sold!! Also, I’m a girl that love pockets and this bag is just that inside!
  • headband  |  Baby girls have always got to have a headband! I love these because they are SO soft and stretchy and they don’t leave that tight headband mark on your poor little ones head.
  • car seat  |  Ummm, I’m not sure what to say… but BEST car seat ever!! It has a million inserts to fit the tiniest of babies but then you can remove them all to fit those chunky little guys.


You can see a bunch of my FAVORITE OUTFITS for Houston + see all my EVERYDAY BABY ESSENTIALS 


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  1. I don’t have a baby (Still trying to convince the husband….I told him it’s either a puppy or a baby and our landlord doesn’t allow puppies so…..I think I’m getting close) but I will definitely be saving this post because…SWOON. I love all the things!!!


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