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Valentines Gifts for Her


joggers  |  lipstick (color: angel)  |  cat eye sunnies  |  initial heart necklace  |  pink plant pots

fill in the love journal  |  knit blanket  |  heart socks  |  pink shirt  |  lace-up flats

Valentines Day is coming up soon, so I’ve been gathering up some of my favorite gifts for the whole family to share with you all throughout the week. (check out my Valentines gift guide for the little people HERE).

I know a lot of guys stress about what to get the miss for the big V-day, however, I think we are the easiest to buy for! haha!! I recently found this lipstick from MAC and am totally obsessed with this lip color (angel). It’s the perfect shade of pink, not too bright + blends in nicely. I wear it almost every day!

One of my favorite gifts I’ve ever gotten is my little gold initial necklace with the letter “h” on it for the little people. I wear it everyday and it goes with everything. I found this heart shaped initial necklace and think it’s the perfect gift for Valentines Day. It’s meaningful and the perfect little gift for her! So make sure to share this blog posts or your favorite Instagram outfits with or man or significant other for great gift ideas!! 

hint to your man that ell you men to hop

xx – kails

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