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5 Reasons To Organize Your Home This Fall

Kailee Wright 3o days Organization Course

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Do you consider yourself an organized person?  I’ve always thought that I was very Type-A, organized, even to a fault… and then I had five kids! And I realized how much harder it gets to organize with each child!  I also learned something important about myself. When I felt organized and I felt like my house was clean, I was an even better mom.  I was able to help my kids find their toys easier, get ready for school easier, and plan fun vacations and not worry about what the house would be like when we came home. Going from all the different games and practices was easier because I was able to be well-prepared with treats and equipment ahead of time.  Taking the time to organize changed my mom-game.

And  because of that,  I had to share with you, which is why I created a course. 30 Days To An Organized Home with Kailee Wright became my mission to create a step-by-step process that anyone can use to go category by category through their home and create an efficient, beautiful space to live in.  Organization affects every facet of my life. My relationships, my business, my parenting, and our home is just the beginning.  I want everyone to feel that sense of satisfaction and clarity that comes with a clean home.  

Back to School and Fall in general is a sort of fresh start for us.  We go hard during the summer with sports, vacations, swim days, and family time, but that can mean a few of our regular routines and habits fall out of balance.  I love to get our home and family back on track with a freshly organized home and routine, and here are a few reasons why I think you should too! 

Kailee Wright Chores and chore charts

: Get Back Into A Routine

Like I said above, routines can tend to fall out of balance during the summer.  With back to school, I like to get back into a daily family routine and chores are certainly a part of that.  And you know what makes chores much, much, much easier?  Organization!  Name something less fun to do than try to put clothes away in a dresser that is bursting at the seams with unfolded clothes.  I’ll wait. ps – head to this post for our free chore chart download

: Save Money 

Going through my 30 Days to An Organized Home e-course will save you money.  It just will.  Even after the cost of the course and containers, you will have saved money. And maybe even MADE money if you choose to sell items you no longer need or use.  In the beginning of the course, I walk you through home intake, a systematized way of looking at what comes INSIDE your home and that oftentimes is a huge money saver.  When you’re more conscious about what you’re buying, and you have limited space to put things, you are less likely to make impulse purchases.

Kailee Wright Holidays modern polka dot wrapping paper

: Prepare For The Holidays

The holidays are crazy town for everyone and they also usually mean an influx of products, gifts, and food.  Get your home organization in place and systematized BEFOREHAND to eliminate holiday overwhelm and clutter.  

: Do It With Others 

Launching on September 1, I am creating a community full of doers ready to get organized before the holidays!  Join us in the tasks and we can share posts using hashtag #30dayswithkailee.

: Because You Deserve It

This one is the most important.  You deserve to live in a clean, organized home, and to go to bed at night with mental clarity and calm.  To have a closet full of only clothes that you love to wear.  You deserve to spend more time with your children instead of cleaning up too many toys.  To walk into an organized pantry when cooking.  You deserve ALL of that.


My new organization course launches September 1, 2021! I can’t wait to get organizing with you and create a space you LOVE!

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