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4 Things I Love About Exercise Bands

Kailee Wright Booty Bands

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Anyone else out there just crave their workout time?! If my old self could see me now, I would be dying. I used to dread the thought of working out regularly and thought people were kind of nuts, but once I started I’m not sure how I lived without it. I totally crave that mix of mental clarity + pushing myself to do something harder. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I am mixing my workouts up a little for Fall, and doing more at home. I’ve had a lot of you ask for ideas or a look into what I do from home, so today I’m sharing all about my favorite at home workout accessory, the exercise band, and why I love using it on the regular!

Kailee Wright Booty Bands


One of my very favorite thing about working with bands is how well they target specific areas. Just looking at that picture above, I can feel the added burn you get from doing it with the band. A lot of the moves you’ll see people do with bands look so simple and like they aren’t doing a lot. But I’m hear to tell you, those bands will target the tiny muscles you didn’t realize you had and BURN THEM OUT!


Bands are a GREAT substitution for weights too. Weights can seem a little daunting when you are first starting out, and bands are a great way to ease yourself in to the same moves without the weights at first. When you buy a pack like this one, they came with different tension levels just like using different weight amounts, so you can switch it up based on your strength and what area you are targeting.

Kailee Wright Booty Bands


One of the best perks about having exercise bands as a workout tool is how travel friendly they are. They are by far my favorite go to workout while traveling. They take up less room than a pair of socks, but pack a punch for sure. You can easily incorporate them into a workout in a hotel gym or just next to your bed before you head out for the day. You can check out some of my favorite travel friendly moves here.


Exercise Bands are one of the most affordable piece of workout equipment money can buy! Which makes them great for anyone starting fresh and not ready to commit to big price tags or more on a budget. This set comes with 5 bands with varying tension levels, has over 10,0004 star reviews and is only NINE dollars!!


Kailee Wright Booty Bands

As you can see, exercise bands are an amazing tool to have whether you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran. They are so user friendly and convenient. I think overall I just love that they take the thought out of my workout. You can take any simple move from a squat to a leg lift, add a band and it intensifies the workout so much more so you are really targeting those muscles.

I hope this was helpful!! As I figure things out myself, I love sharing my favorite finds and what is working for me, but I LOVE your feedback. Let me know here or over on my Instagram Post what other workout tips and tricks you’d like to see here!

Kailee Wright Booty Bands


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