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Kailee Wright puffed sleeve Abercrombie mom jeans

top  jeans  |  shoes bracelets (CODE KAILEEWRIGHT15 for 15% off)

Can you believe we are days away from starting a brand new year?? While I know it will come with its own ups and downs, I think we are all ready for a fresh start. But before we move on to a new year, I thought it would be fun to take the next few days to review the BEST OF 2020. Because as much as the media wants you to think, it wasn’t ALL bad!! So today we are starting off with a fun look back at the BEST FASHION of 2020. A roundup of your most requested + most purchased items from earrings and bras to go to staples there is something for everyone!

kailee wright face mask

earrings mask

Our number one top best seller of 2020 across the board was these earrings! And I don’t blame you! They are my everyday favorites and literally perfect for every single person. Tiny and simple, I love them for me, my sisters, and my girls! Under $25!!

The next best seller, in true 202o fashion was this face mask!! Never did I think a face mask would be something I’d be wearing regularly, let alone sharing with you but here we are. This one is such good quality, comfortable, stays put, and as a bonus is so cute!

Number 3 on the list of best selling fashion isn’t going to get a selfie, because its the BRA of my dreams!! I’ve worn this bra for years and years and never found better. It is so comfortable, doesn’t squeeze and cause back fat, and is totally seamless under your clothes!

kailee wright target jeans

my coat jeans  |  similar hat

When I saw this coat I was SO SO excited about it! It is identical to a dupe that will cost you a LOT more, but the quality is still amazing! Comes in this cute green, pink, and classic black. Trust me, if you weren’t one of the hundreds that already snagged it, you will love it!


Kailee Wright LuluLemon gift guide

my coat  |  leggings  |  sunglasses + similar dupe

Next up in our 2020 fashion roundup is my go to favorite coat. If you are always freezing, but hate feeling like a giant marshmallow, this is the coat for you. So dang flattering and comfortable, but actually keeps you warm too!! Comes in a few different cute colors and is worth every penny! I sized up to make room for layering.

These sunglasses were also a constant question we got and for good reason. Classic black, timeless style, that goes with everything!

kailee wright target jeans

top  |  jeans

You all love a great basic as much as I do, which is why these jeans + top were next on the list! Both so flattering, great quality and super affordable!

kailee wright walmart levi shorts

top  |  shorts  |  shoes

Next up were these three summer staples. This basic tee may be one of my favorite finds of 2020. Under $10 and just such a great basic.  And the sneakers! I thought they were too good to be true, but they are worth every penny. And it won’t be very many because they only $17!

kailee wright

long sleeve jeans  |  white sneakers  |  bracelets

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale brought us this outfit made up of the perfect basics. This top is so good I have it in 3 colors. It is so flattering, perfect for layering, and something so versatile and classic for years to come.

And don’t get me started on the jeans! They have been in my top rotation for years! The distressing is perfectly placed, the fit squeezes you in but is so comfy, and I just love them!!

kailee wright target black dress


This dress was another surprise fashion find of 2020! I did a Target try on haul a few months ago and was thrilled with this find. Comes in quite a few fun colors. I love that it is so versatile to dress up or down and under $20!

kailee wright lululemon

my hat  |  bomber  |  bikers  |  shoes tank

I was not surprised at all that this hat made the 2020 bests in fashion. It for sure made my top buys!! So versatile, classic color, and a comfortable fit. You can snag it in your favorite team too!

This bomber jacket also made the list. I’ve had it for 2 years now and love it just as much today. It is reversible so it is actually two in one. The fit is so cute and looks great dressed up or down!

kailee wright best loungewear

my overalls  |  top  |  similar hat  |  bracelets

Last but not least, are these overalls! You know I love something if I get it in multiple colors and these are just that. They feel like pajamas, but are stylish enough to wear out too.

. . .

I hope you loved this fun look back at our fashion favorites of 2020 as much as I did! What was your favorite buy this year?

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