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Holiday Gift Guide: Women

Kailee Wright best gifts for women

my top + joggers  ||  bracelets + top necklace + bottom necklace  ||  similar garland + white garland  ||  bedding + white blanket + art

Gift Guide week is still going strong and today is one of my very favorite days!! Today is our gift guide for women! It is full of gifts for your besties or sisters, or even to treat yo self!! We all deserve a little something for surviving 2020 right?! I have packed it full of only my very favorite top gift ideas I know I would love PLUS some pretty amazing discount codes to help you shop!

kailee wright best wonen gifts

goals lip gloss  | lash serumwright duo  |  earrings  |  pmd set bracelets  |  geomety towels  |  moisturizer  |  stanley tumbler 

:: shine lip gloss 

I’ve shared this lip gloss at least 100 times over on Instagram over the years because it is just that good! It is the one and only gloss I have found that is zero percent sticky!! In fact it is actually moisturizing which is hard to come by in a gloss. Not only does it have the perfect formula but the colors are just as good. My very favorite every day go to is the color “goals”. It is the perfect pinky nude that looks good on any skin tone and one your girlfriends are sure to love! I reached out to them and MONDAY only you can use my code KAILEE to save 15% off instead of the normal! So set those alarms and shop it then!!

:: babe lash lash serum 

One of the many first world problems to result from 2020 is the loss of eyelash extensions for a lot of us! I was definitely included and after so so many years of wearing them, I took them off. What was left of my lashes was pretty bare, so I decided to try the lash serum and conditioner from babe lash and was SO impressed!! It worked incredibly and I am SO happy with how my lashes look now. You can use code KAILEE20 for 20% off too!

Kailee Wright Navy hair duo

jacket + jeans + similar hat 

:: navy hair wright duo 

First up is my favorite hair duo! In fact I loved it so much, I collaborated with my friends at Navy to sell it as The Wright Duo!! If you haven’t used it before, this is one of the items you are gonna want to treat yo self on!  The first item is the dry shampoo. It is unlike any I have tried. It actually truly leaves your hair feeling cleaner + does a dang good job of it!! There is no gross white residue just amazing magic dry shampoo that works. The second item is the texture spray. Think instant blowout and that perfectly describes it. The duo combined is the ultimate hair power couple any of your girlfriends will love! You can use code KAILEE for 30% off!

:: earrings

If you are looking for the absolute best pair of everyday, wear all the time, perfect earrings, these are it. I have worn them non-stop for over a year now and still love them just as much. They are the perfect simple dainty little hoop. You can sleep in them, shower in them, whatever you want and the quality stays amazing. I have gifted them to my mom and sisters and girlfriends and they all instantly love them too! I think they are the perfect gift for someone that has everything!!

Kailee Wright PMD set

top + jeans

:: pmd set

You have probably heard me talk about this new set over on Instagram this past week with the launch, but I am just so happy with how it turned out!! I was able to team up with my friends over at PMD to create the darling gift set perfect for your girlfriends or sisters! It includes the PMD Microdermabrasion Pro + the PMD Clean in the best little bag perfect for storing or on the go! You can use code KAILEE20 for 20% off!

:: beauty bio set

And last but not least is this set from beauty bio. I don’t think there is a woman out there that doesn’t care about skincare and doing what she can to keep her skin healthy and youthful. This set from beauty bio is like the jackpot of skincare favorites! The glopro microneedling tool that is included has made such a difference on my skin. Your skin gets a firmer, smoother look to it and it helps to absorb all those products you are using on your face. It is almost like having a spa treatment from the comfort of your home. You can use code KAILEEw20 for 20% off!

:: budha girl bracelets 

If you are looking for the ultimate goes with everything bracelet, look no further. These budha girl bracelets have quickly become a favorite in our house with not just me but all my girls too. They are soundless, waterproof, and basically indestructible. I started out with the “gold” ones and now have the fawn, rose gold, and champagne and could not pick a favorite! For size reference, universal size is a medium, I personally wear a small. You can use code KAILEEWRIGHT15 for 15% off! Shop the little girl options here so you can match! (Hayden wears a Large and Harper wears a Small in the kids)

Kailee Wright Favorite towels geomotry house

my top + jeans + similar hat

:: geometry towels 

You all know my love for these geometry towels. The cutest patterns, super absorbent, non-stinky, all the things in one perfect little towel. I love love gifting these to my family and girlfriends because it is such a simple way to brighten up something like cleaning or doing the dishes for them! With lots of patterns to choose from you are sure to find one to match their style. You can use code KAILEE15 to save 15% off too!

:: tula 24/7 cream 

Last but not least on this girlfriends gift guide is my love of Tula. If I had to pick one product that every single woman would love, it would be the 24/7 cream. It is the perfect everyday moisturizer that doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and works so well. But right now you can shop Tula’s holiday gift sets too and they are good!! They would make a perfect gift on their own, or you could break them up and give them to multiple girlfriends!! Use code KAILEE to save an extra 15% off too!

:: stanley tumbler

If you haven’t already snagged an infamous Stanley Tumbler, you are thinking isn’t it just a cup? I promise you it is not!! It is so so good! First of all, let’s highlight my favorite part. It is giant AND it still fits in your cup holder!! It is about time someone figured that out! Next up it has a handle which makes it so convenient when your hands are full. Another highlight is of course the straw. I swear I drink wayyy more water if it is through a straw! And last but for sure not least is that it keeps your drink cold forever. Like 12 hours +.

I absolutely love mine and know these will sell out so so fast so stay tuned over on Instagram for me to announce the restock date!! It would make the perfect gift for girlfriends, teachers, parents, husbands, literally anyone! You can shop the original amazing colors + the 2 new colors here.

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Kailee Wright best gifts for women

We hope you loved our big roundup of gift ideas for all your best girlfriends (or to treat yo self)! We’d love to hear your favorite gift to get or give too!


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