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Our Holiday Pajama Tradition

Kailee Wright family pajamas

my top + joggers + necklace hayden’s nightgown  |  hunter’s pajama set  |  harper’s pajama set  |
houston’s pajama set  |  hudson’s pajama set  ||  my bedding + white blanket + art  ||
similar green garland + white garland

When it comes to the holiday season, I am obsessed with creating and continuing on little traditions with my people. Something about having something to look forward to that leaves that memory with them means so much to me. When we first started our little family and it was just Joe, Hunter, and I, I wanted to start something to help me feel a little less home sick. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the very common Christmas tradition of getting pajamas on Christmas Eve. I love pajamas and thought it was the sweetest tradition, but put my own spin on it and we have loved it alllll these years later!

Kailee Wright family pajamas

While I loved the idea behind the tradition, I didn’t love the timing. I am a sucker for the cute very Christmasy MATCHING pajamas. So you can see my problem with the timing. I wanted to be able to sport our cute pajamas all season long! So we had the idea to open our pajamas on Thanksgiving night instead! It has become one of our very favorite traditions that we still do all these years later!!

Since a lot of you do this tradition too, I’ve been getting questions on where we find our matching pajamas and to link some of our favorites. I have shared over on Instagram that our very favorite pajamas for kids are Shop Plain Jane. They are very simple patterns or plain colors, like you’ll see the kids wearing (minus Hudson), and range from size 12-18 month all the way up to a 10 AND they have women’s sets too! The material is buttery soft and stretchy so they are so comfortable!! I promise you will love them! **Some of their holiday sizes show sold out BUT will be restocked over the next week so be sure to click you want to be notified!

Kailee Wright family pajamas

Whether you have done the pajama tradition for years, or it is something you are just starting this year, it is so fun!! To help make it easy on you this year, I’ve searched and rounded up a whole bunch of my favorite festive options, if you want to go full christmasy, and my favorite that would be great all year long! You can shop them by clicking directly on the picture below!



. . . Kailee Wright family pajamas

With my love for family traditions, I’d love to add some more! So share your favorites with me here or over on Instagram too!! That way everyone can see all your ideas!! And just for fun, check out some of our past years favorite pajamas below!

Kailee Wright Hanna Andersson pajamas

Kailee Wright_Christmas Pajamas 2016


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