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3 Things To Help Sensitive Baby Skin

Kailee Wright Pampers Pure

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As a mom of 5, it’s rare that I come across something new in the parenting world – especially in the baby years. I’ve been to this rodeo five times over now, so coming across something new with Harper or Houston that I haven’t already experienced with one of the others is rare. I was thrown for a loop when both Houston + Harper came along with such sensitive skin.  Since their skin was so sensitive I wasn’t willing to compromise on whatever touched it. After searching and finding the things that worked best for us,  I’m sharing what  I’m loving most for my babies and how I care for their sensitive skin.

Kailee Wright Pampers Pure

First up – DIAPERS…

With both Houston + Harper’s sensitive skin, we have struggled with finding the right diapers. I was thrilled when Pampers introduced the Pampers Pure Collection. They are the first of their diapers to take the already trusted leakage protection  + combine it with thoughtfully selected materials. With sensitive skin, something as simple as fragrance can irritate their skin so these have been a game changer. Pampers Pure Protection diapers are free of fragrance, lotions, and parabens. I especially love that although they are gentle, they really are strong when it comes to doing their job. They hold up well, especially overnight, and we haven’t had any leaks! And major bonus, the patterns are SO cute!


In addition to the diapers, the Pampers Pure Collection also introduces a new line of wipes. With the same more natural approach, they are 99% water and have a touch of premium cotton – perfect for my little ones. I love knowing what I’m using to clean my babies bums, hands, and faces with, instead a list of mystery ingredients. They also pass the multi swipe without ripping test, which is a must in my book! Nobody likes a wipe that is so thin you are more stressed about what is going to get on your hand instead of getting the mess cleaned up!


This one was such a struggle for us, especially with Houston. A lot of the time when sensitive skin is an issue, you also get the bonus of very dry skin. Houston would constantly have rashes and dry patches. One of my girlfriends had the same struggle with her babies. She had some great tips when it comes to bathing. First, we are trying to cut back on actual amount of baths to every other day. It helps to keep some of those helpful oils in their skin. The other biggest + most helpful tip was to be sure to lather the natural creams + lotions on when they are still a little wet from their bath, don’t completely dry. It helps lock the moisture in and fight the dry rashes.

Parenting is always full of surprises and for me sensitive skin was a big one and one I know a lot of you are going through or have been through! I’d love to hear the tried + true products that you love for your little ones sensitive skin.

xx kails

Kailee Wright Pampers PureKailee Wright Pampers PureKailee Wright Pampers PureKailee Wright Pampers Pure

in partnership with Pampers

photos : aubrey taiese 


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  1. My oldest has eczema and our pedi actually recommended we switch away from soaps/lotions meant for babies and to use what I was using. I use Dove Sensitive Skin body wash on him and the CeraVe Eczema lotion as soon as I towel him off. His skin is SO MUCH BETTER now.

    1. I’ve heard that too! We’ve been using Tubby Todd and really loving it, but it is specifically made for sensitive skin! I love CeraVe too!

  2. My daughter has horribly sensitive skin. She is on medication for her break outs. Chemical
    cleaners, detergents, and bath products seem to be the culprit. We use Young Living’s Seedlings baby line, KidScents bath products, and Thieves Cleaning products. She can help clean the whole house from top to bottom and our house smells amazing!!!

  3. My little lady had horrible eczema and I used prescriptions which made her cry. Switched all of my products over to Beautycounter and it totally helped her and transformed all of our skin. Better, healthy ingredients do WONDERS!


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