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3 Tips for storing your Paper Goods

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Something I love to always stock up on is paper goods. I’m talking paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates, and plastic silverware. I like to stock up because these are items that we will never not need, you know?! If I ever find them on sale, I’m stocking up and saving.

With that being said, when we restock these in our home, that means that the new back stock all needs a place to go. I like to make sure that our paper goods are stored somewhere central to our living areas. Somewhere where anyone in the family can refill and restock if necessary. And of course, in true Kailee fashion, I want the storage of them to be pretty and aesthetically pleasing.

kailee wright pantry organization paper good

clear drawer organizers  |  white organize bins  |  gray basket

:: Tip One – Unwrap and Unbox EVERYTHING

As soon as your paper towels, toilet paper, and other paper goods are delivered, make sure that you unwrap and unbox them before putting them away.  This may seem like a waste of time in the moment but this serves two important purposes. First of all, you eliminate the mess and time later. Next time your kids need an emergency roll of paper towels, they don’t have to find scissors and/or leave plastic wrap all over the house. Second, it looks better. So much better. And you deserve it to look better. 

kailee wright pantry organization paper good

:: Tip Two – Make a picnic basket.

Okay, not literally a picnic basket (unless you want it to be). But think of how helpful it would be on busy nights, for kids pizza parties, or if you’re headed out camping to be able to grab a box or bin full of paper plates, napkins, plastic silverware, and cups.  I’m telling you, it’s such a time saver and so nice to have!  For the moments when you can’t or won’t be able to do dishes (home renovations, for a babysitter, broken dishwasher, etc.) this is a game changer.

kailee wright pantry organization paper good

. . . 

kailee wright pantry organization paper good

:: Tip Three – The Old Trash Bag Trick

You’ve seen this before and it’s pretty genius if you ask me. I’m not sure why more of us aren’t doing this. ESPECIALLY those of us with kids taking the garbage out as one of their chores. Place 2-4 garbage bags in the basin of each garbage can before changing the bag. That way, the next 2-4 times that the garbage needs taking out, you don’t have to go to another room to get a new bag. You can easily put a new one in.  I’m all about a time management hack and this may not seem like a big deal but when you’re having kids or family members change the garbage that may not know where the bags are, this is super helpful and time saving.

kailee wright pantry organization paper good

What are your favorite ways to store your paper goods? 

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