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Curly Hair Tutorial: Tips, Tricks, + a How to Video

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Raise your hand if you have naturally curly hair? The kind that if left alone to dry on its own takes on a new life! That is my hair in a nut shell. I rarely embrace my natural curls because I always feel like they are so overwhelming!! But the other day I decided to take the time to style them and got SO MANY comments and messages on my hair! You guys are the sweetest! So with all the questions coming in, I thought it would be helpful to do a quick tutorial on how I do it and what my go to products are for the best curly hair. Check out the video below as well as my highlighted tips!


: AVOID TOWEL DRYING YOUR HAIR – When you get out of the shower, avoid towel drying or rubbing your hair. By avoiding this, you will start off with a LOT less frizz to deal with later!

: MORE CURLS > SCRUNCH!! LESS CURLS > FINGER COMB – If you have a LOT of natural curl where you feel like it gets out of control, finger comb through it when it is still wet and you are applying the mousse to separate the curls a little bit. If you want to boost your curls and help them look more curly scrunch like crazy with that mousse.

: REACH FOR A CREAM OVER A GEL – To avoid those overly crispy curls that look like they might break right off your head, reach for a cream like this one vs a gel.

: USE A DIFFUSER TO CONTROL WHERE YOU HAVE MORE VOLUME – When you dry your hair hook up that diffuser attachment. If you are trying to add more curl, diffuse up tighter to your head. Focus the diffuser on the section you want to create the most curl and volume, and avoid the areas that have enough on their own.

: PART YOUR HAIR AFTER YOU DRY IT TO KEEP THE VOLUME – Don’t worry about your part until you are done drying/diffusing your hair. By doing this you are boosting your volume while drying!

: RE-WET + DIFFUSE TO BRING IT BACK TO LIFE – When you get to day 3 or so and it starts to look fuzzy or frizzy, get that spray bottle out and rewet your hair. If needed you can diffuse it again to bring some life back to your curls or you can let it air dry.

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MOUSSE This is my go to product for adding great volume without the weight of a thick gel. Like I show in the video, put it in your roots and scrunch it through to your ends. It helps give you more body and volume but still a light non crunchy hold.

BB DON’T BLOW IT THICK HAIR STYLER This magic hair styler helps reduce frizz and define your curls without giving you that crispy curl. I love that there are 2 different options, one for thick hair and one for thin hair. It makes such a difference in the final look of your curls!

BLOW DRYER WITH DIFFUSER This blow dryer has been my favorite for years and years. I love the ion settings that help control frizz (especially for curly hair). Pair it with this diffuser and you have the dream team for curly hair.

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I hope these tips + tricks help you control and LOVE your natural curly hair!!

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