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My Go-To Costco Grocery List

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Costco is one of those places that I could totally fill a few carts in… in one shopping trip.  I get completely sucked in every time.  That’s why I think it’s super helpful to have a list of our go-to products that we need so that I can stay focused every time I go in.  Bonus points if I order a delivery and skip the temptation!

As I’ve shown you all how we like to organize our pantry, I realized that I haven’t really talked about what we love to fill it with. With five growing kids, you better believe that our grocery bill is up there, but buying things in bulk at Costco helps keep things reasonable. Making sure that things stay organized in our pantry prevents us from wasting too much.

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Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts: This is the most cost-effective, yummy chicken I’ve found so far and the breasts are usually individually wrapped for easily thawing which is so nice.

Frozen Lasagna: This one is super helpful for busy nights!  The whole family absolutely loves these and they make quick work of an otherwise time intensive dinner with lots of dishes after.  Pro-tip: We love using these for neighbor meals as well.

Fruit: Grabbing a few bags of frozen fruit is a must because we love using them in protein shakes and smoothies for breakfast or after school snacks.  Mango, blueberries, and the berry mixes are our favorites.



Ground Beef: This is another super cost-effective meat to add to your dinners. I like to divide it into freezer-safe zip-loc bags for easy thawing so we have just enough for one meal.  

Deli Turkey: Perfect for wraps or sandwiches for lunches!

Eggs: We go through eggs pretty quickly so I like to buy them in bulk at Costco.  Their egg whites are awesome to have on hand as well!

Milk: 5 kids. Need I say more? Bulk milk is a MUST!

Shredded Cheese: We will usually go through this before it goes bad so it’s much more cost-effective for us to buy it in bulk.

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Bread: If you buy bread in bulk, you can definitely pop additional loaves in the freezer and pull them out to thaw when you’re ready to eat.

Tortillas: Same deal with tortillas, we go through these quickly between tacos, quesadillas, and breakfast burritos. We love the frozen/refrigerated uncooked kind! So yummy! 

Muffins: Have you had the Costco muffins though?!  Oh my gosh, they’re so good.  We like to cut them in half and freeze to use for quick breakfasts. Another great hack is to stick them in for a kids lunch. They thaw out just in time!

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organizing baskets + similar here  ||  label holders or label stickers 


Snacks: Costco definitely gives you the most bang for your buck when it comes to pre-packaged snacks.  Here are a few of our go-tos:

  • Goldfish
  • Crackers
  • Protein Bars
  • Apple Sauce Packets
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Granola Bars
  • Instant Breakfast Packets

Cereal – You may have seen in our pantry organizing tour that I love to unbox and unbag cereals and keep them in their own airtight containers so that we can always see what we have left.  


Kailee Wright Walmart Delivery

What are your Costco go-to’s that you buy every single trip? 


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