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Links You Are Loving – Round 2

Kailee Wright lululemon leggings and abercrombie coat

my coat leggings  |  sunglasses  |  similar beanie  |  bracelets (code KAILEEWRIGH15 for 15% off)

Does it blow anyone else’s mind that we are almost done with February?! I swear that was the shortest January on record!! If you’ve been following along, over the past year, we started a new “series” here on the blog where we highlight the most asked for links for the month all in one place. A highlight reel if you will! You can check out previous months here and here and here. We kind of dropped the ball over the last few months with the holidays and all the things,  but we are back with the best of the best for the last few months and there are some goodies!

kailee wright black leggings

top  |  leggings  |  boots  |  bracelets (KAILEEWRIGH15 for 15% off)  |  phone case (KAILEE10 for 10% off)


I bought this tunic on a whim because it looked comfy on the website and boy am I glad I did!! While it definitely isn’t going to keep you warm in a Utah winter, the comfort level is through the roof!! I love the button sleeve detail so you can still have the oversized look without sleeves getting dirty/in the way..

kailee wright red aspen press on nails

nails  |  sweater


I’m not gonna lie, when I first saw these nails all over the internet, I thought it sounded way too good to be true. But after a lot of hesitation I gave in and they are AMAZING!!! It takes me 15 minutes tops to do a full set, and mine lasted (looking amazing still) for 3 weeks!!! You cannot beat that price or convenience. They have a few different shapes to choose from, so many colors, and even little girl sizes so you can match your minis!

Kailee Wright lululemon leggings and abercrombie coat

my coat leggings  |  sunglasses  |  similar beanie  |  bracelets (code KAILEEWRIGH15 for 15% off)


This puffer jacket has been a fan favorite and my favorite all season! I am obsessed with the color of it, but even better is the fact that it actually keeps you warm!! I love that it is the puffer style but still has a more fitted cut than most, so you aren’t feeling like a complete marshmallow in it!

kailee wright amazon jogger set

jogger set  | shoes + here + here


These shoes basically broke the internet and not just with you guys!! Nike cannot keep them in stock anywhere because the love is strong on these!! They have such a fun retro kickback look to them, but are honestly the most comfortable shoe I own!! If you are lucky you can snag them in the classic black and white or go for a pop of color too!

kailee wright tye dye dress

tie dye dress


This dress wins the award for most link requests I’ve received in a LONG time!! And I don’t blame you!! The stretch cotton fabric is ultra comfortable and flattering. It feels like pajamas but you are dressed up!! And the subtle tie dye pattern is so cute!!

kailee wright vitamin c serum skin ceuticals

vitamin c serum  + moisturizer 


Skincare was a hot topic over on Instagram this past month or so! I loved answering all your questions on my go to vitamin c serum and moisturizer. If I could shout it from the rooftops, I would tell you your skin is so worth investing in high quality products like these. I have seen amazing results and they are worth every penny!

kailee wright minnie mouse cake

cake stand cake topper towel (KAILEE15 for 15% off)  |  silverware


Last but not least on the roundup were my cake decorating tools!! I showed a fun video of how I decorated Harper’s cake and you all wanted more details!! My recipe is from my sweet friend Courtney of Cake by Courtney. You can snag some beginner tools like a scraper and rotating stand and spatulas you are set!

. . . 

If you made it through all of that you deserve a high five! I love seeing you guys love what I love and sharing on your stories! Please tag me so I can see your cute looks too!

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