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5 Cozy Gifts For Everyone On Your List

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We are in full on holiday mode over here and LOVING it! I just about have all my shopping done so I can just enjoy the rest of the season with my people! If you missed it, we have been devoting the last couple of weeks to all things gift guide. We’ve covered everyone from baby to teens, parents and in-laws, men, girlfriends, and pretty much all the in between. If you missed them, you can scroll to the bottom of this post to be linked over! Today we are putting a little different spin on our gift guides and talking all things cozy. We’ve put together 5 cozy gift ideas that are perfect for just about everyone on your list + we’ve got an amazing discount code that works for every single one of them!


If you checked out our gift guides over the last couple of weeks, you saw that one of our ideas on a few different lists was good quality pillows. Who doesn’t need and love a good pillow? It is a gift that is perfect for basically every single person on your list, and when you meet this pillow in particular, you’ll know why!

It is the Flex Pillow from Cariloha, and was designed to be customized to your liking. Think the goldilocks of pillows. If you like a more firm pillow, you can leave it as is. Want it a little softer? Just unzip the amazingly soft cover and take out some of the bamboo memory foam until you get it just how you like it. It is AMAZING and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sleep on anything else again.  You can use code KAILEE to get 35% off too!


Next up on our cozy gift ideas is one of my personal favorites, a cozy blanket to snuggle up in. I am always freezing from about November-March, so having lots of cozy blankets around the house is a must. These blankets from Cariloha are so so soft. It has the look of your typical throw blanket, a great accent piece in your home design, but is made with extra thick yarn to give it a more plush cozy feel. I love the idea of gifting this blanket with your favorite candle or book to a girlfriend! And again you can use code KAILEE for 35% off!


If you have a traveler on your list, this cozy neck pillow is the perfect gift idea. It is filled with the same ultra comfy bamboo memory foam as the Flex Pillow I mentioned above, making it really form to your comfort level. It honestly feels like a cloud and would make any flight so much better. I love how affordable it is with the discount code, (KAILEE) making it awesome for anyone on your list!


If you know me, you know my love for a good cozy robe. My last robe I had for way way too long and it was in bad shape. My mom tried to hide it from me a few times so I would stop wearing it! So you could say I’m not the only one happy that I found this new luxurious one! I can’t even describe to you how comfortable it is. It is pretty much the softest thing I’ve ever touched and is so cozy warm. I love the idea of gifting your mom or mother in law a cozy robe and pair of your favorite slippers!

Kailee Wright Cariloha towels


Last but not least are the coziest towels you will ever find. Towels might sound like a less than thrilling gift idea, but as an adult sometimes the practical ones are your very favorite to receive, and I promise, these aren’t any old towels. The bamboo materials they are made with not only make them so soft, but they also are odor resistant and moisture wicking, so you’re no longer dealing with that musky stink towels often get. I had to buy more of these because my kids kept stealing them out of my bathroom. A fun gift could be a towel set with your favorite bath salts or bath bomb! And yes you can use code KAILEE for 35% off on these too!

I hope these cozy gift ideas help cross a few more people off your list, including a few goodies for yourself! Our code KAILEE works on the whole website so act quick to get things at a great price for the holidays!

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