Five 5 Minute Hair Styles For Girls Video - Kailee Wright
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Five 5 Minute Hair Styles For Girls Video

Five minute Hairstyles Kailee Wright

my top + jeans  ||  hayden’s top + jeans

Growing up with 2 sisters, we spent a lot of time doing each others hair! I honestly think practicing on them is what gave me my love of hair and made me want to go to hair school. I’ve “officially” done hair since I was 18…so forever..haha and love sharing my tips and tricks with you! After sharing a cute hairstyle on Hayden over on our Instagram, I had a ton of requests for more quick and easy hair styles for girls! So we whipped up a video tutorial sharing FIVE 5 Minute Hair Styles for Girls! They are quick and easy and I promise with a little practice you will not only have them down, but love having them in your rotation!

As you will see in the video, a couple of the hair styles involve braids. If you are feeling like you need a refresher on your braiding skills, or just want to check out a couple of tips to make braiding a little easier, head over here to this BASIC FRENCH BRAID VIDEO and this DUTCH BRAID VIDEO! And to shop all our favorite go to hair products from brushes to squirt bottles, you can head here!

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Five minute Hairstyles Dutch Braid Kailee Wright

my overalls + top  ||  hunter’s similar romper

I hope these quick hair style ideas are so helpful and make getting your girls ready just a little easier. That time in the morning together should be more for making memories, than stressing out and arguing over hair!! Just remember, when it comes to hair it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Take 5-10 minutes with one of these quick options and you will look and feel great!

Five minute Hairstyles Kailee WrightFive minute Hairstyles Kailee WrightFive minute Hairstyles Dutch Braid Kailee Wright

photos + video: aubrey taiese 

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  1. Thank you for sharing. These are great. I do have a couple of questions…how often do they wash their haiR? My girls are 5, 3, and 2 and seem to get dirty every day, so we bathe every day!…Especially in the summer. You stated that she Keeps the braid in when shes swimming everybdY—do You not wash it after swimming EitHer??

  2. I loved these, thanks for sharing!! I feel like i always stick to the same couple of hairstyles for my 6 yesr old and i am so excited to try these out! I totally agree with hAving their hair out of their face for school and play. Also, your Beautiful daughters were so darn cute in these videos! The final spins made me laugh each time 🙂


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