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5 Things to do with Your Kids this Fall

me:  stripe shirt + here non-maternity  |  jeans + non-maternity  |  tennies  ||  joe:  shirt  |  shorts  ||  hunter:  shirt similar  |  shorts  |  hunter boots



It’s finally starting to cool down a little bit here in Cali so we’ve been really trying to make an effort to get out and do some activities as a family outdoors. I’m sharing 5 of our family’s favorite activities do to during the Fall + these are some that we have done so far. Hoping to ad a few more the the family bucket list!!

  1. pumpkin  patch
  2. apple or orange picking
  3. night at the park
  4. service project or clean out
  5. weekly walks


Pumpkin Patch — The kids always love this and enjoy picking out pumpkins for Halloween + Thanksgiving as well. Most pumpkin patches have fun activities for all ages in the family, so it makes for a great family outing that everyone will enjoy.

Park Night — Park nights are always fun and refreshing and the kids love it when dad joins in. We will usually order pizza and eat it at the park or do a late night and pick up pizza on the way home. That way there’s no clean up and we all can get to bed at a decent time. I’m loving watching Houston try and run to keep up with the big kids. This night was the first time he had been on a swing — so it was a pretty big night in our family.
hunter: cardigan  |  jeans  |  hunter boots  ||  hudson:  boots  ||  hayden: cardigan  |  shirt – similar  |  jeans  | hunter boots
kailee-wright_park-13 kailee-wright_park-6
me:  cardigan  |  dress  |  necklace  |  initial necklace  |  bracelets  ||  houston: shirt – similar  |  jeans  |  shoes – similar + here
Weekly/Daily walks —  You don’t necessarily always have to do something huge every day or every week. Just getting out of the house and going for a walk will usually always satisfy my little people. The kids also like to ride their bikes sometimes while I stroller Houston around. The fresh air is nice and the one on one talks with the kids are my absolute favorite.

cardigan + similar  |  white shirt  |  jeans  |  booties + similar  ||  hunter: cardigan  |  tank  |  jeans  |  booties  ||  hayden: cardigan  |  camo pants

hudson: shirt  ||  houston: shirt  |  pants + similar  |  moccs + here  ||  stroller


Apple / Orange picking —  We have a ton of orange groves right by our house…well, technically they’re pretty much everywhere along with apple orchards, berry and a ton more fruit orchards. The kids love to each pick a few things and bring them home to put in their lunches for the week or share at soccer practice. But Houston thinks everything is a ball. haha.
kailee-wright_hunter-boots kailee-wright_hunter-boots
hunter: shorts  |  boots  ||   hudson: boots  ||  hayden: shirt  |  shorts  |  boots  ||  houston: pants – similar  |  moccs
kailee-wright_hunter-boots kailee-wright_hunter-boots-16
Clean out + service —  We like to do this a few times a year just to give back in our community + plus we like that it teaches the kids to share their toys that they don’t really play with anymore. I shared a details post HERE. We have also done this in our garage and given bikes away that the kids have out grown. They love dropping them off to our local good will and wheeling them in to their favorite part of the store.
photos: corissa ann

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