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Playroom Clean Out


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You guys know me well enough by now and know that I function off organization. You can see our van here (I like to keep it organized as well) —- Plus you’ll see where a little of my OCD comes out. haha!!

So I’ve had a ton of you ask how we keep the playroom +  kids’ toys organized and keep toys minimal in our TINY house. One of our rules is that once the kids get a new toy or have a birthday or after Christmas, we get rid of a few toys to make room for the new ones. Each kid gets a basket to keep their own special toys in. We then have an entire closet that we keep all the toys that everyone shares in. If the kids get a new toy for their birthday they have to swap out an old one to make room for the new one. Make sense?

So when Nickelodeon asked us to try out the new Shimmer and Shine toys we couldn’t say no!! Come on, what little girl doesn’t love cute dolls with pink + blue hair and magic carpet that sings?! Plus, the carpet actually glides over the floor and Houston thinks it’s the most hilarious thing!!

Hayden was so excited about her new Shimmer and Shine Dolls, but knew it meant time for a ‘playroom clean out’. The kids actually struggled at first…(we started doing this tradition/rule a few years ago before Christmas). We explained that we weren’t throwing their toys in the garbage we were giving them to kids that really needed them. Since then, the little people have actually gotten quite used to it and enjoy donating a few toys each time a birthday or Christmas roll around.

We can usually  bust through a playroom clean out within 30-45 minutes (if the little people are focused). So it’s not bad at all, and they always end up finding toys they have shoved somewhere else (or that are in the wrong box/bin) so they are more than thrilled about that!

This little tradition of ours has been really successful over the years and I think it teaches the kids a lot. Try it out with your little people and let me know what you think! Hopefully you can see a difference in your toy clutter because it’s been a life saver for us in our little mini home! Also, any other “shimmer and shine” fans out there?

xx – kails


we had such a “good helper” half the time…that kept undoing everything we had done or put away. haha.

kailee-wright_shimer-and-shine kailee-wright_shimer-and-shine-4 kailee-wright_shimer-and-shinekailee-wright_shimer-and-shine kailee-wright_shimer-and-shine

in partnership with Nickelodeon + Kmart

photos:  corissa ann

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  1. Hi! We are getting ready to welcome another baby in January also! How do you keep their bedrooms organized? Also do they share rooms and dressers? I know you said tiny house so was wondering what has worked for your family to keep everyone organized? We aren’t finding out the sex of this baby so I don’t know wether to make room for them in my son or daughters room! Thinking I might just set up their clothes and all in our room since they’ll sleep in there for awhile. Then try to combine rooms when they’re ready to go to their own room.

    1. Callie!!

      Congrats!! Yeah we only had ONE place to put the crib…so either way it didn’t matter if our baby was a boy or a girl. haha. Also, I just put Houston’s clothe in the room that had the most dresser space…which ended up being the same room he slept in BUT we have had clothes and kids sleep in totally different rooms. I personally don’t think it matters. Sometimes you just got to do what works best – it might always be the norm, but who cares. I just started folding the kids clothes this new way I found on pinterest and it has saved so much space. I honestly can’t remember what it was called but just search space saving folding for kids or dressers or something along those lines and it should pull up.



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